Sports Feature: New Practice Facility?

With Piedmont’s student population growing every year, one area that is feeling the space crunch is athletics.

Student athletes from 22 different sports are forced to use the same fitness center space to work on their craft, in addition to all other non-athlete students on campus. The college hopes a proposed new practice facility will help alleviate that space crunch.

“It will give the student athletes a better chance to get their work in, more space to get work done is always a plus,” sophomore baseball player Nolan Ledbetter said.

The college purchased 80 acres of land, expanding the campus’ size by a whole 25 percent and

Athletic Director Jim Peeples hopes construction will begin soon on the complex. “You will see dirt moving if board will approve that sometime this spring,” he said.

Although to the naked eye it appears as if work is not happening on the new complex, Peeples assures students that work is being done. The major roadblock is that the property borders protected wetlands.

“The biggest part is the topographical survey, which we already have done,“ Peeples said.

Student athletes are eager for the opportunity to have a dedicated space for their workouts. End with a quote on from another student athlete (freshman or sophomore) about their hopes for a new facility.

The 80 acre property is rumored to give way to a new softball field, a running track, and other athletic facilities. Further information has not been released. So while its arrival is much anticipated, the new facility is seemingly far from completion.

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