Business paper media writing  

Kayla Lathon 


Business paper media writing  

Chicago pizza is not only a restaurant, they work together to make a family.  

“The atmosphere there is amazing, you know I really like their menus and how they are set up, I just saw it when I was driving past, and I was like I really need to go and check them out it looks nice, and turns out I was right,” said sophomore mcom major Ella Cain. 

According to their website, Rudy and Carlos of this establishment, had several years of experience working in successful pizzerias in Chicago and made the decision to open a small, carry out and delivery restaurant in Clarksville, in 2005.” They stated on their website “Barely in our twenties, it was intimidating to start something from scratch,” “We barely survived the first couple of years we were open, never having more than three employees at a time, ourselves included. But that just made us more driven.” 

Pizza isn’t the only thing served at Chicago “I love their salad, they have a really good ranch dressing that I love, and you can’t pass up, they also have this garlic bread that is really good, and my favorite pizza would have to be the white pizza. I get it every time I go there, I never pass nor the pizza or salad up,” said Cain.     

“Their pizza is really good Chicago has always been known to have some of the best pizza so I was surprised when I went there and it was Fantastic, I would most definitely recommend the restaurant to anybody who has ever been. My favorite thing to get from their menu is the baked lasagna and a personal cheese pizza. It is literally to die for,” said sophomore nursing major Grace Beasley.  

Summer Colston employee of Chicago’s Pizza said the family atmosphere has drawn her to the restaurant “Chicago’s seems like a good place to work. It is very close to my home, and it is privately owned, which is something I prefer compared to a corporation. Colston has a recommendation for her favorite dish which is the chicken pesto pizza. The atmosphere is so nice, and all the workers are absolute sweethearts.” 

 “Even though I’ve only been here for a short amount of time, I cannot see myself leaving this place any time soon.” 

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