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Just Write Something Already: Reading Response 1

For as long as I can remember, writing has always been a great struggle for me. Putting my thoughts to paper is a challenge. I will spend hours on hours trying to come up with the right words and forget where I am going on my topic. The KISS acronym I find helpful because I have often been told by my English majored mother and sister that I tend to overthink things and I should just keep my writing simple. I often find myself putting in filler words and reusing ideas from previous paragraphs just to reach the word count. I’ve always known the rules of writing and have done exceptionally well on test involving the English language, but have never been good at applying that knowledge.

Lede and Jargon are definitely new words for me. Knight’s first chapter explains how important words are and how eloquent language can be. He writes how important choosing the right words are and how you start your story off can decide whether your reader wants to continues or not.

Overall, I think Journalistic Writing could help me to improve my writing and keep everything in order. To hold on to the audience’s attention and get to the point and not spend so much time on something that should be done fairly quick

Hi, I’m Zoe Hunter. I’m not the most photogenic person, so you will rarely see me in a good photo. I’m not one for being in a picture, I more prefer to be the one taking the picture. I guess you could say I’m more of the “behind the scenes” type of person.
I love photography and love art. I was lucky enough to go to a school bus graveyard with a small group of friends
These were the first ever eggrolls I made from scratch (minus the wrappers. they were store-bought). This photo is about 5 years old, but before I got into photography, I wanted to be the next Gordan Ramsey and have my own restaurant empire. I would always take pictures of my new creations and position the food to try and make it look like look a 5-star dinner. Although that dream was well short-lived, cooking is still one of my passions and I love to cook whenever I get the chance. Yup, I was definitely the foodie when I was younger!
I really got into 3D art a few years ago and would make objects like dresses, reef, and especially flowers out of paper and other minor materials. I was also experimenting with different lighting and different heights to see what could make a good photo and what would not. I was literally standing on a swivel chair to make sure I got the entire flower in the shot. You can imagine how big the flower is in real life.
I created 5 dresses made from materials of paper and outdated cat calendars, each dress improving in quality and in speed. I love this photo for the shadow the dresses casted on the wall behind them.
This is Stitch. I needed a model for my high school graduation cap and tassel and Stitch fits the cap perfectly.
I took this picture of the backyard on the first snow of the year a few years back. Living in Atlanta, snow is quite a rarity.
Went on a trip to Universal Studios with my youth group last March, and the place was just so beautiful I had to take over 200 pictures just to makes sure I got everything and had the best shots. The water was so crisp and clear
The Universal Studios food signs that I found so pretty and fascinating. This is my favorite picture. I figured I’d saved the best one for last.