Horse Girl

Horse Girl is a Netflix original film where a shy,self-conscious girl named Sarah slowly begins to believe she is being abducted by aliens. Sarah is played by Alison Brie and her roommate Nikki is played by Debbie Ryan. Sarah works at a craft store and visits her childhood horse often after she had to give her horse up. As Sarah goes to see the horse, it is shown that the owners are annoyed with her coming and trying to see the horse. Sarah does not catch on that it annoys the owners, but to the audience is clued in.

Sarah does not appear to have many social skills or pick up on different social cues. She tells her work friend that she is going out for her birthday with friends from Zumba, but as the movie progresses, it is shown that she does not really talk to anyone from Zumba. Sarah is an awkward person at work and at Zumba who people try to not talk to as much. Once Sarah gets home from Zumba on her birthday, her roommate Nikki tells her that she needs to have more fun since it is her birthday. Nikki gets her to drink and smoke marijuana with her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s roommate. Sarah becomes quite intoxicated from both the marijuana and alcohol and ends up having a great time with her friends. Sarah slowly turns into the life of the party, although the party is only four people.

Sarah then wakes up on the floor the next morning to Nikki asking her about the scratches that she found on the wall. Sarah remembers how she had dreams of the future the night before and so she begins to believe she is being abducted by aliens. Sarah tells Nikki she is going to get the wall fixed because they do not want to pay for the damages to the apartment. Sarah goes to see a handyman who she claims she met in her dreams before as she “saw the future”. She begins to lose her mind at this point in the film. 

Sarah goes on a date with her roommate’s boyfriends friend and takes him to go see her deceased mother’s grave. At the grave, she begins to scare him and make him concerned for his well being, along with her own. She gets angry with him when she figures this out, he thinks she is not telling the truth and is crazy. He then leaves her at the graveyard. 

She begins to have dreams where she wakes up somewhere else each day. Each day she wakes up in a different place when she finally wakes up in the morning. This is a turning point where Sarah’s craziness is beginning to show more. 

She meets with her father for their little birthday celebration together and she begins to ask him about what age her mother and grandmother began to go “crazy”. Her father gets concerned for her and changes the subject due to her mother killing herself the year before. Sarah is starting to believe that she is feeling what her mother and grandmother both felt before.

Sarah then wakes up one morning naked in the craft store she works, naked and afraid. Her worker friend comes and wraps her up in cloth as they escort her out of the store in front of customers. Sarah is placed into a mental hospital and on her records, it says she was there for 72 hours, but she can only remember the past 24 hours. 

The ending of the movie is very confusing as she leaves the hospital and steals her childhood horse to go lay in a field alone. The movie ends with her body floating up towards the sky and fades to black as the credits begin to roll. The movie’s underlying meaning is showing psychological depression through her believing she is going to be abducted by aliens and can see the future through her dreams.

The movie depicts psychological depression although it is hard to see by many throughout the movie. Sarah is a lost and helpless girl trying to find her way through depression.

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