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Autobiography – Chaz Crawford

Hello everyone! My name is Chaz Crawford and I am currently a freshman here at Piedmont University. I was born in Topeka, Kansas, but was actually raised in Newnan, Georgia where I attended both Trinity Christian School and East Coweta High School.

As surprising as it may sound, my favorite season of the year is actually winter. I love the cold weather because of the variety of clothing you can wear and of course, the holiday season. I have always loved Christmas and spending time with family which is something I wish I learned to do when I was little. My family is very important to me because they were the ones that adopted me and gave me this great opportunity to pursue the dreams I have and live a better life than I would have without them. And for that, I will be forever thankful.

I have grown up playing baseball since I was six years old and have continued to play all the way up until college which is where I currently play. Although I am a pitcher in college, I played a little bit of outfield in high school where I, unfortunately, could not touch the baseball with the bat even if it was the size of a beach ball. Yes, I was absolutely terrible at hitting and that’s where I realized pitching was better suited for me. Hopefully this spring, we can bring a conference championship back to Demorest and eventually play in the DIII playoffs. Yes, this is foreshadowing…..

My true love has always been sports whether that be talking, writing, watching, or even playing. My lifelong dream is to become a GM for a professional baseball team and with the confidence, I have in myself from a scouting perspective and overall knowledge of the business side of the game, I believe that this could come true. I have consistently written draft write-ups on MLB draft prospects and what my opinions may be on them for many years now. Although I do not choose to publish these pieces that I write, the overall joy I have of actually reading my own opinions on players to others is certainly immense. Hopefully, with more knowledge and overall training, this “dream” can become a reality.

If anyone randomly hears a “Go Noles” in the background, that is likely coming from me. My love for the Seminoles started when I was around 6 years old and despite the recent drop in performance (football), you will never see me switch up on my team. This year I was thankful to attend a game in Tallahassee for the first time ever! This experience will definitely not be the last and with the Noles on the rise, who knows what’s in store next? National Championship? I would like to think so.

That is just a touch of what has happened in my life and If there is anything to be said about me it is that I love sports, love the Noles, and love my family. Hopefully, the best moments in life have yet to come!