Coaching the Creator’s Game

DEMOREST- Every young athletes’ dream is to make a career out of the sport they love. Most athletes want to play for the rest of their lives, but others want to lead the new generations to a newfound glory. Junior year of college, Timothy Dunton chose to take the latter route.

“Hard work, work ethic, leadership,” said Dunton, explaining his vision behind lacrosse. “Being part of a team and being able to work with each other translates to our success in leading young men.”

This mindset is what has gotten Dunton to where he and the Piedmont Men’s Lacrosse program are today. This way of thinking doesn’t evolve overnight, these values that have been instilled in him since early childhood.

 “I started as a volunteer at my previous institution of Lasell, Dunton said.  I feel like I proved a lot in my first year.”

Sticking to his values, along with a great opportunity, in 2003 Dunton stepped in to become the nation’s youngest head coach at the age of 24. In his time at Lasell College, Dunton coached the lasers to a 107-98 record with 9 conference tournament appearances, 44 All-Conference players and a conference “Coach of the Year recognition.”

Despite having a successful career at Lasell, good things come to an end sometimes. “I was looking for a lifestyle change for my family” said Dunton who was looking for a change, left Boston for new beginnings in small town Demorest, Ga.

            “I didn’t know much about Piedmont. I came down for the interview and fell in love with the vision of the administration.”

Dunton was offered a job in July 2015. By August, Dunton had moved in and was ready to begin the new chapter of his coaching career. Once arriving at Piedmont and assessing the needs of the new program, recruiting was the main goal for Dunton and his staff.

            “I took a chance on it. Through recruiting I found guys willing to take the chance with me.”

Dunton was able to find a core group of players who believed in his vision and stepped on campus ready to work. Along with these players he recruited two coaches who shared the same vision, while exhibiting the same values he believed in. Multiple conference championships, national rankings, NCAA tournament games, all goals set for the Piedmont program once establishing this foundation. “Be ready to work and be ready to work hard.” This was the tone that was set for the program.

Dunton has established a team of coaches who shared his vision and empowers them to lead. David Salter, a second-year coach out of Maryland said, “the autonomy and freedom to game plan. The trust that he will back me up. I write it up and he doesn’t shoot me down.” 

As the Lions begin their 2020 season, the goal of a championship along with a NCAA appearance is yet again on the minds of everyone surrounding the program. Lacrosse aside, Dunton has things on his mind in which he holds higher than lacrosse. “Personal moments such as marriage, graduation and beginning new families.” He said these were the moments that stuck out for him as a coach, because throughout his coaching career the leadership of young men and development of their values will ultimately be remembered longer than the times spent on the field with them.  

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