Feature Story: Macey Higgins

There are many things that go into an athlete’s life, and many of them revolve around some sense of schedule. With the COVID-19 pandemic, everything like that changed this past spring semester with the cancellation of sports. Some athletes had to deal with their seasons getting canceled mid-season, and some were just beginning, but the routine of playing sports was suddenly halted, and the extended offseason began. Nobody knew how long it would be or how long it would last days, weeks or even months.

The Piedmont women’s lacrosse team was in full stride when the COVID-19 pandemic made its presence known in the sports world. “We were finally catching our momentum, and then the rug just got ripped out from under us,” said Piedmont Women’s Lacrosse Coach Kirsten Smith. “We will never know how the rest of the season would’ve gone. I am happy that our last game was such a great one, and we ended on a high note.”

The cancellation impacted athletes in different ways, such as Macey Higgins, a senior nursing major, who is currently battling an injury to her knee and quad. Her sophomore year, she partially tore her quad but persevered through the pain to finish the season with her team. Last year, she discovered that along with a torn quad, she is missing cartilage in her knee, which has caused her bones to rub together and causes pain when she plays.

“Although I have pain when I play, I love the game and my team too much to have surgery just yet,” she said. “Corona has put off the surgery I need, but I’m ready to be back at it with my team this coming spring, hopefully.”

With an extended offseason, Higgins and the Piedmont women’s lacrosse team have had to adjust to the circumstances when it comes to staying in shape and filling that void where practice and workouts once was. “Coach Smith did a good job with keeping in check of all of us and sending us workouts and suggestions of what we do over the summer,” Higgins said. “When we came back for the fall semester, we were all eager to get back to practice and get back together with the team.”

Given the circumstances of gyms being closed and being in quarantine, the act of staying in shape was relatively more difficult than usual. Getting that extra time off and having the ability to give her knee the rest it needed and proper rehab to continue her playing career for one more season. 

“The way I look at it, it was more of a blessing in disguise.This is my senior year and I am battling an injury but I am going to do anything to get to play one last time and quarantine allowed me to focus on my injury a little bit longer. Yeah our season got cut short, but everyone got a little bit extra rest and came back hungry and ready to start the season on a good note.”

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