Caden, The Wheelchair Kid

My name is Caden Nelms, A.K.A The Wheelchair Kid. You know because i’m in a wheelchair… you get the idea!

Anyways, I was born on July 24, 2001, which means I am a 19-year-old… in a wheelchair. I was born with disability called Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which you have probably never heard of. My life as an infant and toddler were boring, just full of doctor visits and my parents tears.. oh, and a wheelchair.

I went to Mossy Creek Elementary school which is where I officially gained the title of you guessed it, “The Wheelchair Kid”. It has unfortunately stuck with me, but that could be because the wheelchair has too. Who knows. The only other memory of elementary school is my spinal infusion surgery in third grade. Sounds cool, right? No, it sucked.

Middle school was pretty normal besides that stupid name. The most interesting thing happening in middle school was when a teacher, Mrs. Parks, said she’d rather kill herself then work with students. She also told me my chair was “to annoying” and that I am not allowed to move in her classroom. Looking back, I am pretty sure she hated her life and my wheelchair.

In high school I drove a car for the first and last time and loved it! Four years later, I graduated and started my journey at Piedmont College. Since being here, the name I was given in elementary school is slowly starting to fade away, which is amazing.

I am happy to be at Piedmont and, believe it or not, I’m still in a wheelchair!

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