Aboutchea Boy

My name is Jarrett Jevon Ray. I am a Mass Communications major at Piedmont University. I believe I’m a sophomore or junior. Before I came to Piedmont, I attended Georgia State University for Communications and Theater. Before Georgia State University, I was attending Dalton State College majoring in psychology. I came to Piedmont to pursue a career in radio.                                                                                         

If my friends were to describe my personality, I think they would use words such as goofy, caring, and sensitive. From my perspective my personality usually leaves a positive impact on people whether we’re still friends today or not. 

I am an only child. So, growing up I had to play by myself a lot. Which is probably the reason I easily fell in love with the game of basketball. It’s probably the only sport you can practice by yourself. Since the seventh grade I’ve had a deep passion for basketball. It’s always been more than a sport to me. Playing basketball was almost like therapy. Just being on the court and not having to worry about school, troubles at home, or my future. On my worst days basketball was always there for me one way or another, and still is. 

Right now, I’m focused solely on pursuing a career in radio. A goal of mine is to one day become a member of the Breakfast Club.  The Breakfast Club is an American syndicated radio show based in New York City. They’re show has been on air since 2010 which amazes because, as they say on the show, they’re team and show has been on air together longer than some people have been married. After radio my retirement plans are a little all over the place. But I’m interested in trying stand-up comedy and I also hope to get a chance to host my own TV talk show.

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