Well known Dr. Vance: admired by many

Anna Soriano-352  

Demorest, GA – Dr. Cynthia Vance, is a psychology professor and well admired by many students at Piedmont College. 

“27 years is a long time,” Cynthia Vance said about her time at Piedmont. “I do not think I have a favorite moment,” she said, but her favorite part of teaching is getting to know her students. 

Vance started her teaching career in graduate school as a teaching assistant and started at Piedmont on Aug 1.1993. One of her favorite teaching moments is  “seeing the light bulb go on” in students’ minds during class. She enjoys many friendships with faculty and staff.

Although the modest professor may not admit it, her teaching style turns on the lights of students. “I love Dr. Vance’s teaching style,” said Clara Ortega a sophomore nursing major at Piedmont. “Her lectures were never too fast, and she repeated key points that would most definitely be on her tests, she loves getting to know her students and stories.” 

Vance can be an intimidating force, but once students take her class, they see her softer side. 

“I was a little intimidated at first but she was really kind and funny,” said Cooper Keywork, a freshman Athletic training major.

Although Vance may not admit it, her impact on students is felt. “She always showed so much support and you can really tell she cares about her students,” Ortega said. 

Dr. Cynthia Vance 


Phone: 706-778-8500 x1241

Clara Ortega


(626) 404 – 9540 

Cooper Keywork 


(Please Note: Dr. Vance DOES NOT want to appear in The Roar) 

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