That’s What They All Say: Long Review

            Jack Harlow released his sixth studio album That’s What They All Say on Dec. 11, 2020.  Harlow, who is only 22, has been working on his musical craft since the age of 11.  A Louisville, Kentucky native, Harlow intertwines a lot of childhood and hometown background into his music. He also uses many anecdotes in his music that helps keep the listener “on their toes” — or rather “on their ears” — while they are listening to the hit album. 

            On track 1, “Rendezvous,” Harlow speaks of his past experiences in music and his personal life.  He recalls past tales of his childhood, while introducing the album.  He also hints at what the rest of the album will be like and information that he will give the listener throughout the album.  Harlow finishes out the song discussing how much his life has changed since he has become famous compared to when he was just beginning his musical journey. 

            On track 2, “Face of My City,” Harlow will have the listener jumping around and dancing in their room or jamming out in their car.  In this hit, Harlow and Atlanta rapper, Lil Baby, rap about their hometown roots and how recognizable they are in their respective hometowns.  This song is destined to be a hit in the club, or anywhere for that matter.

            On track 3, “21C/ Delta,” Harlow raps to a melodic beat about meeting a female on his Delta flight.  He talks about how the girl yearns to be something more and how infatuated he has already become with her.  Harlow has blocked out past experiences with females because he has been heartbroken before.  This is definitely a very chill song that could cheer up the listener’s day by clicking “play.” 

            On track 4, “Funny Seeing You Here,” Harlow raps about a former girlfriend whom he sees while partying.  He obviously misses the female, as he recalls the former memories of her, but then alludes to him cheating as to the reason why the two separated.  This song may be emotional for someone getting out of a relationship, but this is one of the many chill and good vibes from Harlow. 

            On track 5, “Way Out,” Harlow and fellow rapper Big Sean talk about how they are trying to get with a certain girl.  This song will definitely have the listener up and dancing around, as Harlow mixed his upbeat and chill style together on this track.

            On track 6, “Already Best Friends,” Harlow, along with fellow rapper Chris Brown, meet two females in a club who have just recently met, but have already become close.  Harlow would like to become closer with one of the women, but so does Brown.  The most interesting part of this track is that Harlow has a conversation with the girls towards the end of the song, but he voices both people.  This definitely features a more relaxed vibe and is one of the best songs on the album. 

On track 7, “Keep It Light,” Harlow discusses the people around him and how they sometimes talk bad about him or try to steal his fame.  This is one of the slower songs on the album, but still features a great melody that will have the listener’s head bopping. 

On track 8, “Creme,” Harlow talks about how he is the best of the best.  The song is low tempo, but Harlow helps speed up the flow with his up-tempo rapping.  Listeners will find themselves listening to this song once and then returning later to really understand what Harlow is saying.

On track 9, “Same Guy,” Harlow and Maroon 5 lead singer, Adam Levine, combine to make one of the best collaborations on the album.  Harlow discusses how he will not change, and how fame has not changed him from who he was before.  Levine provides great vocals during the chorus.  Listeners will be surprised by how much they enjoy this song. 

On track 10, “Route 66,” Harlow and fellow Louisville rapper, EST Gee, combine to make the best song on the album and potentially the hottest song of the year.  Harlow and EST Gee discuss women and Louisville all while rapping to an up-tempo beat and rapping some incredible lyrics.  The listener will have this song blasting in their vehicle for the next few months. 

On track 11, “Tyler Herro,” Harlow raps about Miami Heat star, Tyler Herro.  Harlow uses this song to discuss how white people dislike Harlow, even though he is white.  This song is one of the biggest hits on the album and for very good reason. 

On track 12, “Luv Is Dro,” Harlow, along with fellow musicians Static Major and Bryson Tiller, combine to make a romantic rap masterpiece.  This song will have the listener wanting to go see their better half and fall in love all over again. 

On track 13, “What’s Poppin,” Harlow raps about his Louisville roots, everyday habits and his past.  By now, the listener has more than likely heard this hit as Harlow included this song on his last album as well. 

On track 14, “Baxter Avenue,” Harlow takes a melodic turn with an audible memoir.  Harlow dives deep into his childhood, parents, place in rap music as a white male and how he has made it this far with the same friends he had at the beginning.  This song will give the listener a different, yet positive outlook on Harlow.

On track 15, “What’s Poppin remix,” Harlow, along with fellow rappers DaBaby, Tory Lanez and Lil Wayne, remix the original hit. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF SONGThat’s What They All Say is one of the best albums of late 2020 and early 2021.  It marks Jack Harlow’s entry onto the scene as not just a rapper, but a cultural influencer.

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