Monthly Archives: October 2020

Photojournalism Practice

Long shot: Leaving Swanson Center in the fall. Photo taken by Madison

Medium: Working hard or hardly working? Photo taken by Madison

Medium: Lamp or Lumière? The world may never know. Photo taken by Madison

Medium: Smiling in the shade. Photo taken by Emma

Close-Up: Moss in the morning. Photo taken by Emma

Wildcard: Love is in the air (and in the flowers). Photo taken by Emma

PhotoJournalism Exercise

  1. Long shot of Piedmont Bridge that connects the main campus to the Swanson center.
  2. Medium shot of the old wooden lamp resting on the bridge to the Swanson center.
  3. First year senior Evan LaPorta watching the creek underneath the bridge.
  4. A lamp leading to the Swanson Center.
  5. Close up of a bee on top of a flower.
  6. Wildcard of the pillars leading into the Swanson Center.

Piedmont College Photos

  1. Medium 1: Senior Theatre Major, Joe Chance works vigorously in the student commons on a homework deadline.
  2. Wildcard: Pictured above is a vintage bird that sits on top of someones bicycle.
  3. Medium 2: Did someone say birds eye?? Pictured above is a bird that is looking yonder for its mate.
  4. Long Shot: Looking down Georgia Street on rainy day, there’s not much activity happening.
  5. Medium 3: Sophomore Math major Jade Edwards, gets caught in action walking outside the student commons to head to class.
  6. Close up: Sophomore Jade Edwards makes sure to wear her mask everywhere on campus, even outside.

Class Exercise

  1. Balancing on a broken tree branch.
  2. The baseball fields, with Plymouth residence hall behind, reflecting gin the water.
  3. A lost mask next to the beach courts.
  4. Piedmont student walking back to dorm after class.
  5. A squirrel chasing another one on a tree.
  6. A service dog stands by, waiting for owner to finish in school bookstore.

Exercise: Photojournalism

Construction on the quad continues.
Piedmont students still use the library during the pandemic.
The quad remains wet and empty after the storm.

The debris from the storm leaves Piedmont students anxious to return to campus.

“Piedmont College – Beginning the second century”

Some parts of campus don’t need Halloween decorations.


Mackenzie Davis fields a ground ball at third and records the out at first. This was just a small part of her big day against Emmanuel College.
Rebekah Stegmayer smiles at the infield as she is relieved after a tough play. Stegmayer had a great day at the plate going 2 for 4.