A man of many names

My name is Christian Castro and I am a Senior here at Piedmont College. I am a Sports Communications major and went from a mediocre writer to an exceptional writer for the school.

I respond to the names Christian, Castro, and Chris.

I am originally from Gainesville, Georgia where my mom, dad, and two sisters are doing there best to stay safe and sane while we live through these crazy and stressful times.Portrait shot of me I spent the summer working at J&J Foods unloading trucks.

When I graduate from Piedmont, I hope to be able to get a job working in a radio station or writing about sports, instead of being in front of the camera. Preferably writing and audio production are what interest me the most but, the sports I would prefer to write about are baseball, soccer, and basketball.

Currently I am part of Alpha Sigma Phi and Klimbing Klub here at Piedmont. Both organizations are full of fun people and watching both clubs grow in the pass couple semesters has been enjoyable.

This semester I hope to become sharper and being a lot more organized at doing things such as planning my capstone and avoiding things that ruined my past. Becoming a better writer and public speaker is something that has certainly been a struggle. However that comes with the trial and error of  life, grammar, and diction. I hope to not only  learn new things this semester but to pass this knowledge to someone who can use this in their future.

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