Being Seen, Heard and Valued at Farmhouse Coffee

By Jessica Sconyers 

April 2022

Left Marilyn Martin, Right Stephen Martin.

Stephen and Marilyn Martin followed the breadcrumbs to what is now Farmhouse Coffee.

“People come in and not just to get coffee but they feel like they’ve made a connection that day with somebody,” said Stephen and Marilyn Martin. “The idea was to create a place with great coffee, and where we can create community.” 

Living in Cleveland for eight years, both Stephen and Marilyn had the idea for a really good coffee shop in Cleveland because there wasn’t one. Prior to this small establishment, the location housed a barber shop, sub station, and a catering and houseware store. Since March 2021, it has been Farmhouse Coffee.

“So we get our coffee regionally from Dawsonville. A guy named Doug, roasts our coffee specifically to our taste. But we do have possible plans in the future to do our own roasting,” said Stephen and Marilyn Martin. “We are planning on doing a curbside pickup as well, since we don’t have a drive thru.”

Along with these fantastic plans, Stephen and Marilyn Martin have already put into place “Farmhouse Commons,” a place where students, businesses and groups can meet together or study. With Farmhouse Coffee being such a small establishment, there is minimal seating offered. With the Commons being put into place the Farmhouse family will grow even larger. 

“I think our most popular drink is the Michael Jackson, that is white chocolate and mocha,” said Stephen Martin. “I would argue and say that the Milkyway is there neck and neck, milkyway is white chocolate and caramel,” said Marilyn Martin.

Junior, Mass communication major, Caden Nelms lives in Cleveland and has been going to Farmhouse for a little over a year. “I think Farmhouse differs from other coffee shops because Stephen and Marilyn built a relationship with the community so quickly,” said Nelms. “It’s hard to choose just one order from there, but I love their Lavanilla coffee with coconut milk.” 

First timer Freshman, Athletic Training major, Ashley Jeffery describes Farmhouse as welcoming. “The workers greeted you with a smile as soon as you came in,” said Jeffery. “The coffee was really good, there were plenty of options as well as good size choices.”

Farmhouse Coffee is loved by many communities such as University of North Georgia, Truett McConnell, Piedmont University as well as Cleveland. Students can show their ID at the register for a discount of 10% off.

“We would always say that the breadcrumbs led us where we needed to go,” said Stephen and Marilyn Martin. “What has made us successful is that we have the best coffee around and it is how we treat people. Our mission is that people are seen, heard and valued.”

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