Bigg Dandys Feature Story

Bigg Daddy’s restaurant in downtown Cornelia is a restaurant many students go to on a weekly basis with its’ hometown restaurant feel, and the home-style foods that are served there. 

“It is a homestyle restaurant, and we are always changing our menu to accommodate our guests,” said manager and bartender Sara Alexander. “Our wings and burgers seem to be our most popular food choices, so that’s what we’re known for.”

With two restaurants both located in the North Georgia mountain towns of Cornelia and Helen, the restaurant attracts both locals of the area, and also tourists from all around the country. 

“Our location here in Cornelia is where you see more local people from the area, and the Helen location is where mostly tourist stop by and eat.,” said Alexander.

In Cornelia, the upstairs is comprised of the classic restaurant layout with a bar located in one corner of the large establishment. Here is where guests are served their meal or alcoholic drinks, and are treated to 12 flatscreen televisions that have live sports playing 24/7. Downstairs boasts a newly implemented club-type atmosphere that attracts the younger crowd who are looking for a night out. Headlined by their famous wings and amazing burgers, there is no shortage of variety in their menu.

“I’ve been going to Bigg Daddy’s since my freshman year,” said senior marketing major Brandon Gregory. “Everyone who goes to Piedmont, and people who live in the area are very familiar with Bigg Daddy’s.”

Opened about five years ago, the staff at Bigg Daddy’s is one that is rather young, and this is done on purpose to give opportunities to youth in the area to start in the working field. 

“We have a pretty young staff,” said Alexander. “I think I’m the oldest person working here. It teaches kids responsibility and holds them accountable. It also gives them the experience they need for when they start working in their career field.”

The restaurant not only attracts young workers, but also young customers.

“I frequently go to Bigg Daddy’s,” said Senior exercise science major Anteca Hill. “It has definitely been one of my go-to restaurants in the Habersham area.”

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