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Featured Sportscasters: Peter Anthony West

Welcome back Sportscaster viewers! Today we enter the 6th week of this 12 week phenomenon, which means we are finally half way there to the completion of this journey! And boy has it gone fast! Especially since we are having lots of fun each week learning about new people and laughing at quirky jokes:) 

Anyways, this week is all about Mr. Peter Anthony West. West was born on August 12, 1920 which is way before my time- a whole 80 years difference. He died on September 2, 2003 and throughout his lifetime he did commentary up to the point where he physically just couldn’t do it anymore. 

West worked for BBC and did sports commentating on tennis, rugby, cricket, and occasionally did some hockey play-by-play. However, what makes him different from all the other commentators I have featured is that he served in the war, and the reason he stopped was because he got diagnosed with spondylitis. Spondylitis is inflammation in the spinal cord which for anyone that can be very painful!  

Once his career took off broadcasting, he got to report on the Olympics, and he just didn’t do it for a year or two. Anthony’s skill set earned him an opportunity to report on the Olympics from 1948 to 1972! Wow, that’s amazing! However, after 40 years on the mic working for BBC he retired in 1986.

Just like last week West found a corporation that loved the work he had to present to an audience and he stuck with them throughout his career. I know I said it once, but I’ll say it again: finding somewhere to work and people to be around that appreciate you is vital to being successful in any given job. I can’t wait for next week, we have Mr. Jack Buck to feature. 

I won’t see you guys until next week, so have a very Merry Christmas with your families and I hope you get all the presents you were wanting!! Also, don’t forget to eat a plate for me!!

Ps: The answer to last week’s question is “EEEEUUUURRROOOPPPEEE next” 

This week’s question is: What did the bad soccer announcer get for Christmas? 

Featured Sportscasters: George Allison

Welcome to week five of this twelve week series of Featured Sportscasters. We reached the ¼ mark last monday, which means we don’t have another milestone to break until we get to next week! This week’s focus is all on Mr. George Allison. He was not alive in my time considering I am only 20 years old, but without him and the people before him my dream would not be able to become a reality of being a sportscaster!

Allison was born in 1883 and became a journalist for his first career choice in 1905 and continued to do so for a few years. He was 22 years old when getting his first job, WOW he didn’t waste any time getting into his career!

In 1927 BBC Broadcast approached him with a job opportunity to cover club football, and of course he accepted the position. Later in 1927, he got to broadcast the Football Cup as a youngster and thrived. By 1931, Allison became BBC’s main football analyst and was broadcasting over 100 games a year and he stayed with BBC until he took his last breath. I guess he loved the atmosphere so much he never wanted to leave, but hey that’s what it is all about!! Change is good, but when you have found the job for you there’s no need to switch:)

In this time period, tv was not a huge thing so George’s commentary was on the radio station. However, not many people had money to buy radio’s so people would crowd in homes to listen to the passionate man. At this time, only about 25% of people owned radios. Man, wouldn’t it be awesome for families to have a get together just to listen to your favorite broadcaster on the radio or tv. 

Other than that, that is a quick life story of Mr. Allison. After researching him, one thing I can take away from him is that life is about finding the career that fits you best and when you find it take it and run with it as long and as far as you can. 

Ps: The answer to last week’s question is “because someone touched the dial”

This week’s question: What did the announcer say to the Britain’s Got Talent Contest?

Featured Sportscasters: Al Michaels

Awwww you’re back!! Today is week 4 of this journey which means we are ¼ of the way done. I hope you and your family had a Happy Thanksgiving and ate lots of food to stuff yourselves until next year, or maybe just until Christmas:)

Let’s get to business… This week’s featured sportscaster is Al Michaels and he is known for his play-by-play for Sunday Night Football in the NFL. He is the voice for NBC when it comes to the NFL and he has been in the field for 16 years. He is considered the best play-by-play announcer by the Associated Press! Wow, what an honor to receive!

Michaels spent his time at ABC Sports from 1976-2006. He was known then for calling Monday Night Football and now that he is with NBC he is known for doing Sunday Night Football. He has also commentated, Miracle on Ice at the 1980 Winter Olympics and Game 3 of the 1989 World Series game between the Oakland Athletics and the San Francisco Giants. This game is famous because it was interrupted by an earthquake!

In 2020, he was honored with the 2021 Ford C. Frick Award for excellence in broadcasting by the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Michaels is one of five individuals to receive this honor and to be recognized in such a distinguished way.

Another honor Michaels has received is that he has been awarded eight Emmy Awards, seven for Outstanding Sports Personality! This man is a legend!

Some personal information about the talented man is that he was born into a Jewish family in Brooklyn, New York. He attended Arizona State University where he majored in radio and tv and minored in journalism. He worked as a staff writer for ASU’s student newspaper and did play-by-play for football, basketball, and baseball on the campus radio station.

Mr. Al Michaels has had such a distinguished career and I believe he has many more years on screen! I knew of Al Michaels when writing this, but now I feel like his daughter since I did so much research on him hahah! That will be all for this week’s post, be sure to join me on December 13th for an oldie, but a goodie—George Allison:)

Ps: the answer to lasts week joke is: because when he goes on air he will die

This week’s question: Why did the Tv announcer get mad?