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 Smartphone Photography

A candid medium action shot student(s) outside –A jump for a new day
medium shot of an aspect of Piedmont’s campus (not Swanson) – open and free
long shot with a person in the foreground- I’m superman!!!!

profile shot of someone else in this class that fits the prompt – “Piedmont student”-Are you sure

close-up of something in nature- Looks can be decving

capitons and cutlines

jumping for toys

On March 26,2019 kayla and her dog kayla went and took pictures. Kayla needed these pictures to post a video for her doggy’s birthday to post on social media so everyone knew it was her dogs birthday.

reaching for the stars

On August, the 10th Kayla had convinced her roommate to dress up for their first day of school to take pictures after they finished their classes. Kayla wanted to take pictures so that they could remember there first day of college.

I am Ant Jordan

My name is Anthony Wade Jordan, and I was born and raised in a small town called Adel, Georgia. Born on June 28, 2000, I was often called a “miracle baby” due to how old my parents were when my mother first discovered she was pregnant. Born to a mother who was 39 and a father who was 45, I was raised as many would call an “old soul”. I had 4 older siblings including 3 sisters on my dad’s side, and one brother on my mom’s side. However, I grew up feeling like an only child due to the age difference between my siblings and I. I often resorted to playing video games and riding my bike around the neighborhood to entertain myself. I always made good grade when in school due to my parents telling me that I could get anything I wanted from them just as long as I had a good report card.

Growing up fr me was easy and carefree and my parents did everything they could to keep me happy. Once I got to high school is where I moved from being an introvert to an extrovert. I decided to make new friends, join clubs, and most importantly start to take more chances by becoming more invested in my sports. After running track and playing football my sophomore year, I hit a crossroads. I loved football, but I just knew it wasn’t the sport for me, but I was afraid to tell my father. Once I mustered up the courage to tell him I had a pleasant surprise when he told me that he would support me in any and everything I chose to do. The only thing he asked was for me to graduate and move on to be somebody in life. However, high school was not always joyous.

My dad’s health was on a rapid decline, and as much as I saw it I tried to keep him upbeat and smiling like he always was. I knew that heart problems were a complicated matter, but I also knew my father was a God-Fearing and strong person. As time went on, hospital visits were now the regular, along with trips to the doctor with him, but throughout all that I would still come home from school and see the smile on his face that brought me joy. However, April 10, 2018 would be the last time I would see that smile as he passed the next day unexpectedly. I had a decision to make and that’s when I chose to keep his spirit alive by getting may degree from Piedmont. I wanted to be away from home, but not too far in order to be close to my widowed mother. I also fell I love with Piedmont because if its’ small size that emphasized that you would get attention from professors. Running track here and being a Lion is an amazing experience that I will cherish forever. I love this school and I’m so glad I decided on it as my home for the past four years.

My father Glen Jordan and I on Easter 2017

About Me

Hey fellow editors! My name is Samantha Carvallo and I am a Junior Graphic Design Major and Mass Comm Minor here at Piedmont. I am looking forward to working with you all.

Something a lot of people do not know about me is that I am from Chile. My Mom (right) is from Indiana and my Dad is from Talca, Chile (left).

They met at Ohio State University while they were getting their Master’s Degrees in Education and moved back to Chile together which was where they got married.

Something funny about my siblings and I is that only my older sister (bottom left) and I (bottom right) were born in Chile. My younger (middle) was born in Virginia not too long after we moved to the United States.

My Dad eventually received a part-time teaching position at the University of Georgia along with another job at Collins Hill High School. My family then relocated to Buford and have lived there ever since.

I graduated from Mountain View High School in 2019 and was committed to Piedmont University to run Cross Country and Track in the fall.

At the time, I had been devoted to running for the last four years and it wasn’t until recently when I decided to step away from the competitive side of the sport. I left the team because I realized I have other passions in life that need my attention.

Closing on door opened another and I found a new joy in Magazine editing. This school year I became the Design Editor (alongside Rowan Edmonds) for The Roar and have felt so welcomed while devoting time to build a magazine that will stand out to students. I know now what I want to do in the future with my Graphic Design Degree and the Mass Communications Department helped show me the way.

I hope you all enjoy this semester and thank you for reading.

My Story

My name is Christophe Donsereaux, but as many would guess, I would rather be called by Chris. I am a Sports Communication Major here at Piedmont. I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on August 6, 2001, to young but loving parents. I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers who are all younger than I am.

August 29, 2005, changed my life forever. When Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Louisiana, I was too young to understand the magnitude of the situation that was going on. All I knew was that I was leaving the home I had known since I was born. We moved all the way to Virginia during the storm before returning to New Orleans when it was safe. I was still in pre-k and did not know what was going on. I finished out that year and my kindergarten year before I was told I would be moving again. 

I moved to Sandy Springs, Georgia in June of 2008 to attend the rest of my elementary school years at Spalding Drive elementary. Leaving my mother to live with my father was a challenging thing to do because I was closer to my mother than my father at the time. Things took an awkward turn when I told my mother I did not want to return to Louisiana. I had found a group of friends and a sport that I was really interested in (basketball) and did not want to give up all that. 

Upon my entry to high school in 2015, I had never thought about running track or any other sport. I was strictly basketball. Then came my junior year of high school and the varsity team was guard heavy so that meant not making the team, which led me to stepping on the track for the first time. 

After my first ever track season Piedmont took notice along with other schools. I wanted more and I knew I could do better things in my senior year on the track team. Unfortunately, I got injured and the season was a huge letdown in my eyes. I committed to Piedmont in March of 2019 to join the track team, and it was a smart choice. Coming to Piedmont was not my first choice, but it has shaped me into a great student, and they have shown me that they care more about students as students than they do as athletes. 

Nahomi Solorzano’s Non-Stop Climb


I believe that individuals go through hardships to grow and become today’s people. And keep growing as time goes on. In reality, every person in the world deals with some type of obstacle in their life. Mine happens to be where I came from. I am originally from Naucalpan, Mexico, and was brought to the United States at a young age. This complicated my future due to the lack of documentation, causing me to not do things like the people my age can do. This has been a constant obstacle I face in my daily life, but this same obstacle is also what has shaped me into who I am. I have grown to realize that even if I am undocumented, I still am human, I still can do what I set my mind to, and I still can achieve a future that I set my mind to.

Although it may seem I am upset or have some resentment of my situation, I am not. I am proud of my culture and where I come from; even though I have not set foot in my home country for more than nineteen years, it still has a place in my heart. It is more that I am more open and aware of myself and not just a paper that says I can be legal. I have been able to use this obstacle as a drive for my success, whether it be academically or personally. I have grown to be a different kind of person than if I did have my documentation and have the freedoms others do, but because I am like this is has been my push to help those like me and people that could be dealing with other kinds of situations. I have turned my weakness into my strength.

As for me now, I am attending college studying for my bachelor’s in psychology with a double minor in social justice and mass communication. I am a first-generation student out of my whole family. I am glad I am breaking the chain and being an example to my two younger sisters. I am the oldest of three girls; family is significant, so their support is essential to me. Being able to be an example to my sister and even to my younger cousins that no matter who Latinos and any other person can strive for a higher education than just a high school degree. I have always been a social butterfly and have not let fear or shyness stop me from doing things. I always try to make new friends and listen to them, I want to learn from them and it has always been interesting how different a person can be with the stories they tell. I am really outgoing and determined with anything I do. I was and still am the overachiever. I want to give more to test my limits and see if I have improved over the years or I need some work in some areas. I am also loud, but I promise that college has taught me to tone it down. I like to be very expressive because I just love to talk and am very passionate about so many topics. I like to be involved and do something worth learning different things by having experience hence joining the clubs here at Piedmont.

Present Time

I am looking forward to my future what is to come, but I am also happy to be in the present and live the moment. And right now I need to study.

“Adversity is preparation for greatness” – Andy Andrews

Andrews, A. (2004). The Young Traveler’s Gift, Thomas Nelson.

Jessica Sconyers: My path in Videography

Daughter.Friend.Sister.Athlete.Videographer.Outdoor Enthusiast

18 years old going into college I was torn on what to major in. Biology to become a vet tech? maybe a firefighter in the future? Or undecided? I’m 19 years old now and I’m a freshman at Piedmont university, double majoring in mass and sports communications. For such a long time I’ve been a very creative person. Since 6th grade I knew that I loved videography but never thought of going into a profession for it. 

Coming to Piedmont I was happy to find the mass communications program. In high school I was involved in many digital video production classes. By my senior year I ended up being the first student in Orange County to reach all 8 levels of digital video.

Playing volleyball was also a huge part of my middle school and high school career, I wanted to further my career by playing for Piedmont University. So far I love my major and the sport I play.

I’m from Orlando, Florida so coming to a different state was a big change and I love it. But I definitely miss some significant things like the beaches. When I was 7 I learned how to surf, and I’ve been doing so ever since. I still love the sport and it’s been a part of me for a while, so leaving for a different state where the beach is 4 hours away was a big change.

When earning my drivers license my parents knew I wanted a Jeep Wrangler and I’ve been saving for one for a while. Getting that Jeep I’d say was the start of my adventurousness, and need to explore. I found out that there were whole communities of people who go over-landing, camping, and trail riding in their Jeep. You could say I liked it, others would say I absolutely fell in love with it. The summer of high school to college is when I realized I could mix my passion with my major.

For my future I plan on traveling the country, living out of my Jeep, and doing freelance videography. I want to see and film every possible place in the U.S. I find so much joy in that and look forward to it everyday.

All About Me

Photo of me

My motto in life is “you only live once”. I know it may sound very cliche, but I live by this saying. Growing up, I never realized how much this short phrase would impact my life in the future. Nonetheless, I am so grateful it has.

Throughout 2020, my family and I suffered through much pain associated with the tremendous loss of two dear family members. Just months apart, we lost both my cousin Timmy and my uncle Jimi very suddenly. My uncle Jimi died on New Year’s Eve, which started 2020 off with heartbreak and sadness. Eleven months after his death, in November, my cousin Timmy died. The shock of his death was almost unbearable, forcing my family and I back into the same spiral of heartache and depression we experienced throughout the mourning of my uncle.

Me & Uncle Jimmy
Me & Timmy

Although we had separated in recent years as a result of the decisions he made, Timmy and I were close when I was younger. After moving back home to be with the family again, I was excited to rekindle our once sibling-like relationship. Leading up to his death, Timmy was at a good place in his life with his family supporting him through it all. He had a stable job and even blessed our family with his beautiful daughter, Elizabeth Grace. When he departed this world at such a young age, it truly opened my eyes to how short life can be. His death made me want to begin living to the fullest and influenced the decisions I have made.

Old photo of me & Timmy

During this time, I also was faced with the difficult task of choosing my path for college. I thought I knew what I wanted to do but had many second thoughts. However, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. After the tragic death of my cousin Timmy, I knew that I wanted to follow a very strong passion of mine: film. Although making it in the film industry is extremely difficult, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life trying. I know that the road is hard but I am determined to follow my dreams, and I do it all for the ones who are living with the angels.

Autobiography – Chaz Crawford

Hello everyone! My name is Chaz Crawford and I am currently a freshman here at Piedmont University. I was born in Topeka, Kansas, but was actually raised in Newnan, Georgia where I attended both Trinity Christian School and East Coweta High School.

As surprising as it may sound, my favorite season of the year is actually winter. I love the cold weather because of the variety of clothing you can wear and of course, the holiday season. I have always loved Christmas and spending time with family which is something I wish I learned to do when I was little. My family is very important to me because they were the ones that adopted me and gave me this great opportunity to pursue the dreams I have and live a better life than I would have without them. And for that, I will be forever thankful.

I have grown up playing baseball since I was six years old and have continued to play all the way up until college which is where I currently play. Although I am a pitcher in college, I played a little bit of outfield in high school where I, unfortunately, could not touch the baseball with the bat even if it was the size of a beach ball. Yes, I was absolutely terrible at hitting and that’s where I realized pitching was better suited for me. Hopefully this spring, we can bring a conference championship back to Demorest and eventually play in the DIII playoffs. Yes, this is foreshadowing…..

My true love has always been sports whether that be talking, writing, watching, or even playing. My lifelong dream is to become a GM for a professional baseball team and with the confidence, I have in myself from a scouting perspective and overall knowledge of the business side of the game, I believe that this could come true. I have consistently written draft write-ups on MLB draft prospects and what my opinions may be on them for many years now. Although I do not choose to publish these pieces that I write, the overall joy I have of actually reading my own opinions on players to others is certainly immense. Hopefully, with more knowledge and overall training, this “dream” can become a reality.

If anyone randomly hears a “Go Noles” in the background, that is likely coming from me. My love for the Seminoles started when I was around 6 years old and despite the recent drop in performance (football), you will never see me switch up on my team. This year I was thankful to attend a game in Tallahassee for the first time ever! This experience will definitely not be the last and with the Noles on the rise, who knows what’s in store next? National Championship? I would like to think so.

That is just a touch of what has happened in my life and If there is anything to be said about me it is that I love sports, love the Noles, and love my family. Hopefully, the best moments in life have yet to come!