I chose three articles from TMZ, one regarding ethnicity, one religion, and one about race. One article basically explained that Bryce Hall is being sued for beating up Hernan Fernando simply because he was Mexican. The next article regarded a high school football coach that used “anti Semitic play calls” during a game. Lastly, the third article explained Britney Spears’ support for Black Lives Matter and that some of her Instagram followers are angry with her for this. I thought all of these articles were fitting for what we have focused on throughout this class.

Charges filed against Bryce Hall over Hollywood parties - New York Daily  News
This is Bryce Hall…

For the article regarding Bryce Hall, he was at a restaurant and fought a man as the motive behind the fight was solely because the man, Fernando, was Mexican. Before the fight began, Hall was allegedly yelling at Fernando saying “I’m from Bel-Air, and you’re just a fat Mexican who works at a restaurant.” TMZ added that Fernando is “suing Bryce, Rory and their pals for assault, battery, emotional distress, and for attacking him based on his ethnicity.” The intended audience for this article has to be those that know who Bryce Hall is, meaning his fans or haters. Bryce Hall is a well known social media influencer on Tik Tok. Therefore, a younger crowd of people is more than likely the audience for this article. The purpose behind this article is probably just to gossip and find dirt on well known people. The fight was not a brawl, however the root of the fight is what is wrong. To hate someone because of their ethnicity is completely wrong and to be a social media influencer, influencing a young audience, makes it that much worse. Going back to the quote from TMZ, Fernando is suing because Hall acted this way solely because he was Mexican. There are only videos on this article and I cannot link them, however to summarize, these videos show Hall and his friends at the restaurant via Snapchat video as well as the injury Fernando had on his fingers.

Ex Coach Maimaron at the football game before he was fired.

For the second article, it regards the high school football coach that used anti- Semitic calls during a football game. Ex coach,”Dave Maimaron used terms such as Auschwitz, rabbi, and dreidel to describe plays for his players”. The intended audience is athletes, coaches, or any others who are involved in the sports world in some way. This is because, those who play, coach, or spectate, any sports games know that this kind of action is unacceptable. The true purpose of this post on TMZ is to inform the public that things like this still happen and younger generations are still being exposed to and taught wrong doings like this. This action by Mairaron made the public very angry as “days of parents, fans and civil rights leaders calling for action … the school finally made the move to can the coach Wednesday, blasting him for the naming of the calls.” For when the public found out about the offensive language that Mairaron was using, they would not rest until the community knew and Mairaron was fired. The main message communicated through this post is that offensive language, especially around teenagers is unacceptable and if the community comes together to receive justice, things will come together.

Lastly, the third article was about Britney Spears’ support with Black Lives Matter. The headline says “Britney Spears posts support for Black Lives Matter…Some Followers Pissed!!!” Below is the post that got people talking.

The audience to this is those who follow Britney Spears and those who understand the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement. The purpose of this article is to provide that even celebrities speak out on issues such as racism, but no matter what there will always be backlash. TMZ added that many celebrities thought that Britney Spears “went too far” on her post that provided that white people have generational wealth and black people have generational trauma. The main message behind this article is to explain that people will always have a problem with others. Despite the reason for the post, some people will have an issue with others, especially when it comes to celebrities. The TMZ article explained that people thought it was not Spears’ place to speak on the topic because she is white.

To continue on with this, these posts work together well as they all are regarding concerns with a particular topic. Each article consists of people speaking out in one way, whether it be through social media, through the law, or through the community. In the first article, I think that this story could have been slightly misconstrued or exaggerated slightly. I think people like to make social media influencers constantly look bad and give them bad reputations. Yes, I am sure Bryce Hall is in the wrong in some ways, however this does not mean Fernando did not instigate a fight with him first. However, with the second story regarding the high school football coach, this story consisted of facts. It had a lawsuit involved and was strictly facts whereas the Bryce Hall story seemed to be a story more for attention. Regarding fandom, these kinds of posts definitely facilitate fandom. With the Britney Spears and Bryce Hall story, both of these celebrities definitely gained some kind of attention and their name was being spoken of more often than usual. Identification is when the audience assumes the identity or stance that another person believes or holds. For example, the audience would assume that Bryce Hall is racist, the audience would assume that the football coach hates Jewish people, and that Britney Spears stands with the black community and does not support police officers. Celebrity gossip sites such as TMZ feed into identification and are definitely very biased in their articles. For, this feeds into identification as the audience is often swayed the way that the article is written towards.

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