I’m always happy

daughter.pastor’s daughter. Air Force daughter / symboling.

Ella Cain Military family

There may have been many challenges in my life but those challenges have made me a better person a happier person as well. If I had not of faced those challenges I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today. If I did have a very supportive family involved in my life I wouldn’t be the lady I am today.I’m happy and comfortable for the person I am.

At the center of my heart my core values are love, care, kindness, putting others before myself. Everyone on earth has a different way of showing who they are. I support each and every person on this whole earth doesn’t matter who they are what they look like, what they wear, who they fall in love with or date, none of that matters I will always support them. Everyone has talents in their own unique ways, that’s super cool about everyone. I love making sure everyone is doing ok and if I’m able I will help them have a good day.

I grew up in Cobb County Georgia Kennesaw Georgia. I lived there until I had to move in the middle of high school I had just finished my sophomore year of high school when I had to move to Commerce Ga. Before moving to Commerce Georgia my dad served 33 years security forces in the Air Force retired in 2012. My mom is a nurse practitioner who was also first Army then branch transferred to the Air Force. Once in the Air Force my parents met and got married.

Once moved to Commerce Georgia, Went to Commerce high junior and senior year it was the biggest challenge in my life. Lost a bunch of friends I had back in Cobb county tried to make new ones at CHS but sadly they all had their friend groups already. Did not go to homecoming junior or senior year due to not having anyone to go with. I did go to junior/ senior prom because I was on Prom Committee the committee that decorates for the prom. I did marching band, basketball and ran track. I wasn’t able to do sports senior year due to tearing my ACL/ meniscus. I ended up joining clubs instead of playing sports placed first placed place interviewing skills for a club called HOSA then ended up getting 6th in the Nation at Nationals. I handled this challenge like a champ I didn’t let the challenge stop me from having fun in life or enjoy life.

I am the youngest of two I have one older brother we are two years apart. My brother is currently serving in the Air Force he is a B-52 combat officer. I work at Chick Fil A was full time over the holiday break now I dropped down to part time because of school. It was nice having my brother home over the break.

We all face challenges in life big or small, we all get bad apples thrown at us but that does not say who we are as a person. It is not our fault that sometimes we get challenges thrown at us. We can’t help having to move in the middle of high school due to my dad getting a pastor call. There would have been no way possible to stay in Cobb county so we had to put our house on the market and move away.

The move affected me not only emotionally but mental and physically. It attacked my whole body and my inside. My inside hurt the worst because there were so many emotions going through me, sadness, anger, fear, nerves, excitement. Many more just to name a few. I was mostly scared because I wasn’t sure how all the changes were going to affect me. I was also scared about having to change high schools in the middle of high school.

After all the challenges we are still a happy military family. We are all doing great to this current day. No matter what may get thrown at me I will always be smiling no matter what. I’m never angry hardly ever. The only time I was ever sad was when I had top move away from Cobb county. It was a blessing otherwise I would have never found Piedmont University. I’m happy and conformable with the lady I am today.

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