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RR 1: What about writing

I think most of us would agree that writing is not a strong suit for any student. Many of us struggle with certain punctuation, grammar, or run-on sentences. Yet even after years and years of hearing the same critiques from various teachers, we find ourselves making the same errors.

When reading what Knight has to say about writing, I feel it puts things into a different perspective. Some of the points he makes gives better understanding of writing then what I have been taught throughout my life. When he describes the idea of focusing more on your introduction to your story so your body will become effortless it made sense. As an introduction you are supposed to reveal your idea and points you are making to your audience. Then allowing your body to go into more detail.

I think this chapter really helped me in that area of writing. Now I understand that I should spend more time on my Intro than what I originally thought. Hopefully I will be able to improve after this chapter.


Conner Jelley: Grape Jelly is always the move

Hey everyone. My name is Conner Jelley. I am Monrovia, Indiana which is a small town no more than 20 minutes south of Indianapolis. All it takes to get to Piedmont College from my hometown is a slight nine hour car ride. I have grown up my whole in Monrovia and attended Monrovia High School. I have played both football and baseball for as long as I can remember. I am very blessed to be able to still be playing baseball in college for a highly talented team. As a freshmen, making the change of scenery was tough at first. However now there is no place I would rather be than right here at Piedmont college. I cannot wait to begin this spring season as a Piedmont Lion. Being a huge fan of sports made it easy for me to choose Sports communication as my major pretty easy. I have grown being a fan of any team from Pittsburgh. Steelers, Pirates, and the Penguins. My dad grew up in Pittsburgh for most of his life and passed on the love of those teams to me.

For the most part these past few months have been crazy and I would not change it for anything. I can’t wait to see where my future here at Piedmont takes me.