Monthly Archives: August 2018

Another Year, Another School

My name is Cameron James and I am currently entering my fourth year of college. While I say that, I must include the fact that this is also my fourth college. Out of high school I went to Reinhardt University in Waleska, Ga. That is where I first went to play baseball. Like many other college athletes, I decided it was not right for me and transferred again to play baseball at  Georgia Highlands in Cartersville, Ga. There is where I felt like I had to grow up quick. Unlike Reinhardt, Highlands is what you call a “JUCO” which means junior college. I did not play baseball that year because of credit issues. So after it technically being my sophomore I was considered to be a Red-shirt freshman on the baseball field. So, after Highlands I transferred to South Georgia State in Douglas,Ga. This was an entirely new area to me. I had never experienced the type of  I met there anywhere else. There, I grew to be the person I am today. So now it is 2018, and I find myself here at Piedmont. I graduated in the year 2015 from Kell high School in Marietta, Ga. Although I went to high school there I am originally from Macon, Ga. As you can tell I have been everywhere but lately it has been for something I love, which is the game of baseball.