Tyler Hill Pushes the Importance on Education Overall

By Jessica Sconyers

April, 2022

COVID forced a move towards a more technology-based curriculum, here’s how Tyler Hill’s research can help us adapt.

“I know growing up it was hard for me to learn how to study, and college is a lot different,” said Hill. “My plan is to become an elementary educator, and I look forward to using some of those tools that I talked about today in my presentation.”

Hill is in his senior year and is doing an internship on the Demorest campus of Piedmont University. Presenting at the 2022 Piedmont Symposium, he mentioned many great tech picks for teachers. He chose this topic because COVID forced a move towards a more technology-based curriculum. COVID shut down everything so quickly that it was very hard for teachers to find different ways to teach their students.

“I feel like the audience was very appreciative of all the hard work that these seniors did to prepare,” said Winstead. “All the presenters I think just did an amazing job.”

Hill discussed the many tools teachers could use in the evolving technology world. These tools included powerpoint, quizlet, google classroom, kahoot and some others the audience hadn’t heard of. 

“I would probably have to pick Quizlet as my favorite. “Quizlet is a very unique way for students to create study tools,” said Hill. Another popular tool that Hill promoted was kahoot. “Teachers can access all the students with a competition format and a lot of students get more motivated when there’s competition involved.”

Audacity is another fantastic tool that Hill researched. “Recording directions for assignments, read alouds for students as well as the students being able to use it too.” 

Education Professor Dr. Susan Winstead, Hill’s advisor for his internship, was very happy with Hill’s work. “You could tell from Tyler’s wonderful presentation and his enthusiasm about his topic that he really is an expert in that field,” said Windstead, adding praise for all Symposium presenters 

Susan Winstead, Advisor


Tyler Hill, Student, internship 1


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