Rumble in the Bronx

Rumble in the Bronx, Matthew Alter

      On Sept. 2, tempers flared at the end of the Yankees-Rays game. In the top of the 9th inning, Yankees flamethrower Aroldis Chapman threw a high 100 mph pitch that barely went above Rays pinch-hitter Michael Brousseau. The count was 1-2, so it seemed intentional, but there was no way to tell for sure. The real issue escalated after the next pitch when Chapman blew a fastball right by Brousseau for strike three. After striking out, Brousseau was walking back to the dugout when his fellow teammates in the dugout began to voice their opinion to Chapman and to the Yankees dugout. Eventually, both benches cleared and met up at home plate to “discuss” their differences on the matter.

Because of the seemingly “intentional” pitch by Chapman, both Yankees Manager Aaron Boone and Aroldis Chapman were suspended, as was Rays manager Kevin Cash. After the game, Tampa Bay manager Kevin Cash shared some comments that lead to him being suspended for one game. Cash said, “I have a whole damn stable of pitchers that throw 98 miles per hour.”

The beginning of this feud appears to be the Yankees believing the Rays are intentionally throwing up and in on Yankee batters throughout this shortened season. “AJ (Aaron Judge) has been thrown up and in seven times in six games,” said Boone.

In my opinion, as a baseball player and knowing that there are unwritten rules in baseball, yes I understand why the Yankees would have an issue, but at the same time I think that having[AM1]  Aroldis Chapman throw high at a batter like that is wrong. If he were to have hit Brousseau, it could have done serious damage.

The next steps of this feud will have to wait until the playoffs as the Yankees and Rays do not face each other in the regular season for the rest of the year. Most likely this break will do good for both teams as level heads will prevail. The next time they would meet would be in the playoffs, and in the playoffs any perceived headhunting will quickly bring about action by umpires. Neither team can afford to lose star players throughout the playoffs.

            Their next meeting will demonstrate what is more important for the two managers: revenge or victory?


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