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Sophomore, lax player, sports communications major

RR #1

Writing and grammar have always been something I’ve struggled with. Growing up, seeing even a sentence diagram on the board made me want to just go hide in the bathroom all of language arts class. Through all the tutors and tears, I’ve managed to get this far with grammar and writing. I think having a topic to begin with, media wise, will be help me become better at writing because it’s not just telling a story, it’s having people interested too.

Knight puts writing into a better and different perspective within this chapter for me. I’ve never thought about how if you have a good introduction, then it sets up the organization of the rest of the story. I’ve spent way too much time focusing on the body instead of the introduction. Instead of finding a style that fits well with my work, I tend to find myself trying to fit a style of someone else’s work especially when it’s in the introduction. I really think that reading and applying Knights strategies and styles will help me become a better writer throughout the semester.


Brittany Gowen: Things Change

Hey! My name is Brittany Gowen. My middle name, which is Mare, was really only used by my parents when I would get in trouble as a kid. To this day, even though my middle name hasn’t been used in quiet a few years, it still makes me cringe when someone says “Brittany Marie”.

I’m from Snellville, Georgia and went to Brookwood high school which is of course home of the good ol’ 2011 Brookwood VS. Grayson rivalry along with the two well known songs of the town “Brookwood Where You At” and “Grayson Step Your Game Up”. Everyone in Gwinnett County knew about it and each video had over 500,000 views. People will still bring up the songs on occasions depending on the area I’m in when they ask what high school I attended.

With that said, I’m not too far away from Piedmont College. I chose Piedmont for the main purpose of lacrosse. I’ve always loved playing sports growing up and sports have always been apart of me. I came in as an athletic training major and I soon found out that science was clearly NOT my cup of tea. My freshman year was spent in the health science department here at Piedmont and I later realized that what I really wanted to do with my life was in the mass communications department. I then changed majors and now I’m here, still playing lacrosse and now doing the things I love to do. I’m now a sports communications major. I found this past summer to do what makes you happy and to follow your passions instead of doing something that you thought you wanted to do three years ago. Things change.