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Horse Girl

Horse Girl is a Netflix original film where a shy,self-conscious girl named Sarah slowly begins to believe she is being abducted by aliens. Sarah is played by Alison Brie and her roommate Nikki is played by Debbie Ryan. Sarah works at a craft store and visits her childhood horse often after she had to give her horse up. As Sarah goes to see the horse, it is shown that the owners are annoyed with her coming and trying to see the horse. Sarah does not catch on that it annoys the owners, but to the audience is clued in.

Sarah does not appear to have many social skills or pick up on different social cues. She tells her work friend that she is going out for her birthday with friends from Zumba, but as the movie progresses, it is shown that she does not really talk to anyone from Zumba. Sarah is an awkward person at work and at Zumba who people try to not talk to as much. Once Sarah gets home from Zumba on her birthday, her roommate Nikki tells her that she needs to have more fun since it is her birthday. Nikki gets her to drink and smoke marijuana with her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s roommate. Sarah becomes quite intoxicated from both the marijuana and alcohol and ends up having a great time with her friends. Sarah slowly turns into the life of the party, although the party is only four people.

Sarah then wakes up on the floor the next morning to Nikki asking her about the scratches that she found on the wall. Sarah remembers how she had dreams of the future the night before and so she begins to believe she is being abducted by aliens. Sarah tells Nikki she is going to get the wall fixed because they do not want to pay for the damages to the apartment. Sarah goes to see a handyman who she claims she met in her dreams before as she “saw the future”. She begins to lose her mind at this point in the film. 

Sarah goes on a date with her roommate’s boyfriends friend and takes him to go see her deceased mother’s grave. At the grave, she begins to scare him and make him concerned for his well being, along with her own. She gets angry with him when she figures this out, he thinks she is not telling the truth and is crazy. He then leaves her at the graveyard. 

She begins to have dreams where she wakes up somewhere else each day. Each day she wakes up in a different place when she finally wakes up in the morning. This is a turning point where Sarah’s craziness is beginning to show more. 

She meets with her father for their little birthday celebration together and she begins to ask him about what age her mother and grandmother began to go “crazy”. Her father gets concerned for her and changes the subject due to her mother killing herself the year before. Sarah is starting to believe that she is feeling what her mother and grandmother both felt before.

Sarah then wakes up one morning naked in the craft store she works, naked and afraid. Her worker friend comes and wraps her up in cloth as they escort her out of the store in front of customers. Sarah is placed into a mental hospital and on her records, it says she was there for 72 hours, but she can only remember the past 24 hours. 

The ending of the movie is very confusing as she leaves the hospital and steals her childhood horse to go lay in a field alone. The movie ends with her body floating up towards the sky and fades to black as the credits begin to roll. The movie’s underlying meaning is showing psychological depression through her believing she is going to be abducted by aliens and can see the future through her dreams.

The movie depicts psychological depression although it is hard to see by many throughout the movie. Sarah is a lost and helpless girl trying to find her way through depression.

Horse Girl

Horse Girl is a Netflix original film where a shy, self-conscious girl named Sarah slowly begins to believe she is being abducted by aliens. She begins to believe she is being abducted after the night of her birthday. She smokes marijuana and drinks with her roommate and her boyfriend along with her roommate’s boyfriend’s friend. She visits her childhood horse often as the owners are annoyed with her coming. As the movie progresses, she doesn’t remember things and claims she sees the future. Horse Girl is a one of a kind movie that depicts psychological depression throughout the movie’s progression.


Eighth grade is a time of change for all kids. It’s when you’re finally becoming a teenager and when you prepare yourself for the new start of high school within the next few months. Things change often in eighth grade, but I never expected, in a sit-down conversation with my parents, to have everything I thought I knew so well at the time, completely changed. The change in my mom’s voice was a change I never wanted to hear. I’ve never heard her so upset and concerned with a hint of nervous in her voice before. My dads walk was different when he finally came in to sit down and start the most life changing talk.

January 18, 2013 was the day my mom was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer.  When you’re younger, you sit and think, “Not me. Not my family.” But at 13 years old, with a mom as sick as mine, you learn anything can happen at any point in time. Even to the people you love most. To the lady who has taken care of you, day and night, for over the past 13 years you’ve been on this earth.

The color pink suddenly had a changed meaning along with everything else I thought I knew. The color was always a girly color to me since I grew up a tomboy. The color pink suddenly meant so much more than just a girly color. Pink suddenly meant strength, courage, fight and hope. Everything in the house was suddenly pink. From the shirts and presents given to us from family friends to the bandana’s mom wore when she lost her hair.

No one expects one day to see their mother with no hair. Let alone see her get her hair shaven off by a friend. As you watch her long black curly hair be slowly shaven off, you just sit there and think, “What’s going to change next?” The pink bandanas she wore got old pretty quick, so within a few days we had the whole rainbow of bandanas. Every outfit she could ever wear had a bandana to match it. Friends were bringing her new bandanas all the time, some of the funkiest colors and designs I’ve ever seen. It became a game to us and our family friends, to find the most colorful, funkiest bandanas and buying them knowing my mom was not about to put those ugly bandanas on her head and wear it in public.

After two surgeries, four rounds of chemo and 31 rounds of radiation, she finally became cancer free. The change we were seeing and living wasn’t all so bad anymore. The change suddenly was something I was looking forward to and noticing even at 13. We slowly started to see her hair grow back. Starting off as a black curly afro she said she had in the 80’s, to the shoulder length curls she has today.

Change happens.


Speed bumps are everywhere. Metaphorically in your personal life or physically around the Piedmont campus. They cause bumps and bruises when they are not handled correctly.

Piedmont College has some colossal size speed bumps all around campus. If you listen closely, you can hear cars scrape on them throughout the day. The noise is like no other noise on campus. You know exactly what happened when you hear the terrible scrape, without even having to look in the direction of the incident. No matter how slow you may go over the bumps, they still can bite you in the butt and scrape the bottom of your car. The closer to the ground a car is, the worse the noise is when they go over the bumps. You know when there are new students on campus, people touring or visiting for games because the bumps always seem to get the best of them. You will even get lucky enough sometimes to see the drivers’ face in pure shock when it happens to them.

No car is safe on the speed bumps of Piedmont College. Unless you drive one of the big jacked-up trucks or Jeeps around campus, your car is bound to be a victim to the speed bumps at least once during your time at Piedmont College. If your car does not get a love scrape from Piedmont’s speed bumps, did you even go here?

Some of the speed bumps have been replaced already by smaller speed bumps, which has actually been beneficial for the sake of people’s cars. The smaller speed bumps have been saving the underneath of student and faculty cars, one bump at a time. There are three oversized speed bumps left on campus, near New Bedford, Johnson and the Mize Athletic Center. Those speed bumps are where Piedmont gets their terrible speed bump reputation.

Possibly one day the community of Piedmont College will come together and remove the last three speed bumps and replace them with smaller ones like they already have. If the speed bumps are removed, Piedmont may not feel the same for the sake of never hearing cars scratch right over top of the oversized speed bumps again. College is stressful enough without having to deal with oversized bumps in the road.

Feature story

Running to be conference champions, Piedmont Colleges track and field teams and coaches slowed to down talk about their season.

The track and field teams at Piedmont College are coached by head coach Jeff Jenkins and assistant coaches Taylor Browning and Brain Gawne. Jenkins has been a coach for 11 years but has been at Piedmont for the last five, ever since the track and field program was started. This year is Piedmont’s first year in the USA South conference. Due to NCAA Division II teams dropping down to the USA South conference, the conference commissioner proposed that they add track and field with their own conference championship.

Prior to being in the USA South conference, coach Jenkins said, “We created what we call the Atlantic independent track and field championships. That was a good start for us.”

The Atlantic Independent track and field championships were held in Fayetteville, North Carolina at Methodist University. The following year they were held in Berea, Kentucky at Berea College. Being in the Atlantic Independent Conference the past two years, allowed Piedmont’s track and field to be prepared when their time came for USA South.

When the outdoor season starts, the team has eight weeks to be able to have meets. The NCAA requires them to participate in seven meets leading up to the conference championship. In order to be as successful as the track team has been this year, they focused a lot on rest and recovery. This helped them get through the rigorous seven weeks before the championship.

“We were thinking about our bodies, listening to our bodies.” Killian McClain, a junior thrower said. ”That was the biggest thing, if your body wasn’t feeling it, you shouldn’t be doing it.”

 Rest is just as important as training for these athletes.

“We rested.” coach Jenkins said. “One of our philosophies we have in our program is train hard, recover harder.”

Resting and training hard in their season and off season has been the key for Piedmont’s track and field team. This has ultimately led them to the conference championship that was this past week, April 18th and 19th in Berea, Kentucky.

“We competed less than a week before conference which we typically don’t like to do,” said coach Jenkins.

However, being well rested going into the weekend, helped lead both the men’s and women’s teams to victory.

“Our coaches were always there to listen and made sure everyone was happy.” Karla Cantrell, a sophomore runner said. “They knew we were going to be the best prepared team at conference and with that we would win a ring and we did.”

Coach Jenkins, Browning and Gawne all prepared their athletes properly for the conference championship with the feeling of winning it all.

“It’s important we’re fresh going into the championship.” said coach Jenkins.

That is exactly what the track team did going into the championship. Both the men’s and women’s teams came out on top with championship wins. Piedmont’s track and field teams started off in a conference a few years ago not knowing if they would become a part of USA South and this season, they won it all in the first official year in USA South.

“This has been incredible to go from that to this,” said coach Jenkins.

Disaster Drill

Disaster on Piedmont Colleges campus? Nope, just the Piedmont College Disaster Drill of 2019 held by the R.H Daniel School of Nursing.

The school and community participated in the annual Disaster Drill this past Wednesday, March 27. The disaster for this year’s drill was a fire that started in the theatre of the Swanson Center at Piedmont College. Junior nursing students as victims of the fire and senior nursing students as the nurses assessed their injuries from the fire. Piedmont’s theatre department helped create a realistic fire setting for the drill. They help do victim’s makeup, added smoke to the scene and added lighting and pyrotechnics to set the scene of a fire disaster.

Fred Bucher, Piedmont Colleges facilities management and safety director was on the scene of the Disaster Drill. He helps maintain campus safety and helped create this year’s event.

“The smoke, the noise, the lights… this is what they’re going to be faced with moving on into their career,” said Bucher.

Senior nursing student Katelyn Durmire was on the scene of the drill and was one of the nurses that got to give handson aid to the victims of the fire.

“The disaster drill is a good practice opportunity for us as nursing students to be prepared for our future jobs coming up in the next year or so,” Said Durmire. “It’s a very realistic setting that we get to be placed in to help victims right away.”

This Disaster Drill also serves as practice for the first responders in the community. Piedmont Police Chief Jim Andrews said.

“he responders involved were the City of Demorest Police, Habersham County Medical Center and EMS, Habersham County Fire Department, Sheriff’s Office, 911/Emergency Management Agency, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, Homeland Security, Habersham Search and Rescue and the District Two Public Health Administration.”

Having all the first responders on the scene is important to show the lifelike resemblance of an actual fire taking place and what everyone’s roles are in helping victims.

An Airlife Georgia helicopter based in Gainesville, Georgia, Homeland Security drone and rescue dogs were also on the scene in order to help simulate a real fire disaster. Having the first responders from all areas of the field is very beneficial for Piedmonts nursing students to get used to working with responders, because one day it won’t be a drill and they will have to work hand in hand with them. Andrews said.

With the help of about 400 students overall, the disaster drill of 2019 involved many.

Professor Jackson interview

Professor Melissa Jackson 706-778-8500 ext. 1196

From thinking still photography was for her, to news, documentaries and production. She’s done it all and now professor Melissa Jackson hopes to bring decades of field experience to the classrooms here at  Piedmont College.

“I decided I could either tell more stories or I could help the new generation tell stories,” said Jackson, “I wanted to bring all my experiences that I had had and help this generation tell the stories now. I think there are plenty of students out there that want to learn and go out there and make a change. I think that video and film is one of the ways that they can do that.”

Before joining Piedmont College’s Mass Communications program in the 2018-2019 school year, Jackson had her big start in news with two different internships in college: one her junior year and another her senior year. The second internship led to a job two weeks after her college graduation. This brought her into the world of news, documentary videoing across the world along with working for an Atlanta based news, weather, traffic and sports station, WSB-TV.

“I worked in what they called a special projects unit and was a field producer. I put together pieces for the anchors you see,” she said. “Everyone from Dr. Randy Martin, Clark Howard, Monica Pearson John Pruitt, Jovita Moore.”

Jackson was a main part on the WSB-TV team behind the scenes. She covered all areas of stories for the team, and sometimes be in the midst of the action for a breaking story. Jackson worked with the main anchors at WSB-TV and was requested to come back and help with their farewell material. Once she ended with her field work, she headed back to the classroom to get her master’s degree from University of Georgia and to then give back in the classroom.

“It’s really cool to have a professor that is coming straight back to the classroom setting from the real world,” sophomore sports communication major Davis Barlow said. “It adds to her credibility as a professor since she knows exactly what she needs to teach us.”

Barlow believes professor Jackson is here to better Piedmont students and also help them get prepared for what jobs are available after graduation.

Mattie Keaton, senior mass communications major said, “I think she helps students because she gives them assignments that allow them to get out into the field and really get comfortable with the different equipment.”

Professor Jackson says she has high hopes and big dreams for Piedmont Colleges mass communications program.

“I’ve been blessed to work in every part of this,” she said. “The movies, film, documentaries, production, cooperate, news. That’s what I want to bring here.”

Brittany Gowen: Things Change

Hey! My name is Brittany Gowen. My middle name, which is Mare, was really only used by my parents when I would get in trouble as a kid. To this day, even though my middle name hasn’t been used in quiet a few years, it still makes me cringe when someone says “Brittany Marie”.

I’m from Snellville, Georgia and went to Brookwood high school which is of course home of the good ol’ 2011 Brookwood VS. Grayson rivalry along with the two well known songs of the town “Brookwood Where You At” and “Grayson Step Your Game Up”. Everyone in Gwinnett County knew about it and each video had over 500,000 views. People will still bring up the songs on occasions depending on the area I’m in when they ask what high school I attended.

With that said, I’m not too far away from Piedmont College. I chose Piedmont for the main purpose of lacrosse. I’ve always loved playing sports growing up and sports have always been apart of me. I came in as an athletic training major and I soon found out that science was clearly NOT my cup of tea. My freshman year was spent in the health science department here at Piedmont and I later realized that what I really wanted to do with my life was in the mass communications department. I then changed majors and now I’m here, still playing lacrosse and now doing the things I love to do. I’m now a sports communications major. I found this past summer to do what makes you happy and to follow your passions instead of doing something that you thought you wanted to do three years ago. Things change.