Race/ Ethnicity/ Identity in gossip cites

It is not easy to understand why gossip sites post what they do. They want to be a place that news can run wild. Even if the topic is controversial. In trying to analyze three articles. I noticed that somethings within post can be similar. In the three I analyzed it appears that the target audience is the country itself. Because of the severity of the topics or headlines, they couldn’t really angle the piece towards one group. The purpose of the posts were to inform. Because of certain areas of cases such as the George Floyd case. Two of the posts corresponded with the verdict of the case that saw former cop, Derek Chauvin, charged with man slaughter. So in that sense they wanted to inform what was happening. So they had to reach out to everyone instead of target one specific group. However one thing that tends to be misplaced is visual effects. Using images to an advantage. You can pull on emotions little by little with the right choice of visuals. Much of the visuals used for the posts did not correspond well. Nothing added to the stories. It became bland and boring. I would have included photos that applied to the story instead of having adds, the same ad throughout the posts. All these posts involve the same type of story. The BLM in some fashion or another. It involves for a call of change. How we all need to be treated in the same way. The problem with these gossip sites however, are that they do not always report the truth. Gossip sites are about telling the story fast, rather than telling it truthfully. But, the reason they are able to facilitate a lot of buzz is how they report the celebrities. They dig deep into celebrities lives. Bringing out the average everyday human life within the fame. People love seeing there idols doing simple things just like them.

But how do gossip sites use identification and help relate celebrities to people like us?

Gossip blogs are able to use the normality of a celebrities life to attract more buzz. Gossip sites know people love seeing the average middle class activities celebrities do. In our minds, we see celebrities as idols. And we love putting celebrities in a certain class with ourselves. Gossip sites try to identify celebrities with middle class individuals to create that sense of “they are just average people like us”.

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