The Two-way Titans of Piedmont

The talent and play of the Piedmont Lions baseball team is a complete electric factory.  The team constantly has new faces stepping up in big situations to accompany the reliable starters.  While the team is no stranger to success, it may look a little different than it has in past years. 

Carter Ballstadt, younger brother of All-American Brady Ballstadt, has had an immense impact on the team since he first stepped foot on campus.  Ballstadt was the closer for the Lions his freshman year, thanks to his flamethrowing arm.  Since his freshman year, Ballstadt has only improved as a pitcher.  Now, in his senior year, he is leading the Lions offense as the starting center fielder.

Harrison Trawick is another senior stand out player for the Lions.  Trawick started a handful of games at third base for the Lions his freshman year.  His sophomore year, he found himself at the helm of the infield, playing shortstop in every game of that season.  As a senior, Trawick has moved to the outfield and has followed the footsteps of Ballstadt by playing the field and pitching.  

This two way talent is very new to the Lions baseball team.  While they have always had immense talent on both offense and defense, two way players have not been common.  This upcoming season will be a very new feel for the Lions.  Trawick and Ballstadt have two of the best arms out of Piedmont’s bullpen, and they are both offensive juggernauts at the plate.  With the amount of young talent that makes up the rest of the team, the Lions have a lot to look forward to in the 2022 season.  

“It’s not something you see very often, but I’m glad that I can make an impact hitting and pitching.  It isn’t easy, but if I can make the team better I’ll do whatever it takes.”  Ballstadt knows that what he does on the field isn’t a simple task, but easy isn’t what he is worried about.  The success of his team comes first.  

“I’ve seen what an impact Carter has on the team, and I want to give everything I can.  I pitched in highschool, but I never thought that I would be in college.  Coach Scali gave me a chance last year and I guess I was able to shake off the rust.”  Trawick is looking to emulate the impact that Ballstadt has had the past three years.  

Ballstadt and Trawick are roommates, so maybe some of the two-way magic has rubbed off.  This year they will be sharing the outfield and the mound for the first time. The two will look to improve on last season’s disappointing end by winning a conference championship. 
The Lions have come up short the past few seasons to Lagrange College.  Their pitching fell just short last year, but with Trawick’s added talent and a healthy Ballstadt at closer, the Lions may have one of the best bullpens in the conference if not the country.  These additions are looking very hopeful for the Lion’s 2022 season. 

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