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A restaurant that serves up smiles

El Jinete Mexican Restaurant- Clarksville, GA

A restaurant that not only serves up great food, but serves up big smiles.

El Jinete has a philosophy that they go by everyday. “El Jinete Mexican Restaurant is committed to serving its guests and local communities and believes in providing great food using fresh ingredients and great service. We also believe our guests are part of the family and will continue serving the community for generations to come carrying on the tradition of El Jinete Mexican Restaurant”

Located in seven different towns and also offering catering, El Jinete serves authentic food along with staff that bring a family feel to the restaurant. 

“I have been working here all my life- 21 years,” said Leticia Romo, the manager. “I love everything about this place. Sometimes it can be stressful but fun. It’s my life.”

El Jinete first opened in 2000 in the Clarksville station that is now known as Wolf Creek BBQ. They were there for 10 years and then moved to their current location on Louise Street in 2014. 

Their authentic menu includes Mexican dishes served to order with fresh ingredients and lots of love. 

“My family and I love authentic food so authentic Mexican food, like what El Jinete has, is phenomenal and would surpass anything fast food any day” said Amy Remely, a freshman nursing major at Piedmont University. 

In a small town such as Clarksville, it is sometimes very difficult to find local family run businesses and restaurants, especially because towns like these are typically filled with fast food chains.

“Compared to fast food, the food at El Jinete is not only healthier but it also tastes better,”said Rowan Edmonds, a junior Mass Communications major at Piedmont University. It doesn’t taste artificial and I feel like they actually put effort into their food. My favorite thing to get there is the steak tacos.”

El Jinete staff members make sure to provide quick service while also maintaining a positive, family atmosphere. 

“The customer service there is great,” said Remely. “Every Time i’ve gone there, they are on it. Right away, they ask how you are doing and what you want. Most places you go and wait for your server for 20 minutes but at El Jinete, you automatically get one.”

With Piedmont University 5 minutes down the road in Demorest, El Jinete has become a place that students like to hang out and get a fresh meal. 

“I have a lot of good memories there, especially when going with friends. I spend a lot of time there and it’s always great” said Edmonds.

Overall, El Jinete is a family run business who cares for their customers and genuinely enjoys their jobs.

Romo says the restaurant appreciates the support and business of the Piedmont Community. “Just hoping that everyone keeps supporting us like they have. We are really thankful!” 

Symposium- Homework debate: is it effective?

For elementary school students, the recommended amount of homework time each night is 10 minutes for Kindergarten, 20 minutes for 1st grade, and so on as they go up. But today, Kindergarten-5th grade students have an average of 2.9 hours of homework per week. 

Students Kinsley Smith and Miranda Caudell of Piedmont University presented their presentation entitled “Homework: Is it Effective?” at the annual symposium. The 15 minute presentation centered around elementary students and math. Both students are in a “math for teachers” class so their topic needed to be math related. 

“We started looking for topics that we could pull lots of information from, and this was one both of us thought would be a good controversial topic that we agree with on both sides,” Smith said. 

Smith pointed out that this topic has pros and cons on both sides, leaving her and Caudwell to be neutral on the topic. Both presenters have personal experiences in their own life directly correlating to their topic, making this presentation even more meaningful.

“There’s just so many factors going into math homework,” Caudell said. “It was definitely interesting to see, for instance, I wouldn’t even have thought about reinforcement at home being a problem.” 

Many people believe that homework is the key to a student’s success in school. However, Smith and Caudwell mentioned that there is much research and data that has been done on this topic and all show no correlation to homework and a student’s success specifically at the elementary level. 

“It all depends on the perspective,” Caudwell said. “For me, it’s more of looking at it as a student but for Kinsley, she has the perspective of a parent and seeing the work her kids bring home.”

Smith mentioned her two kids, who both play baseball year round and how busy their schedule is while trying to balance homework, family time, and their extra curricular activity. 


Kinsley Smith-

Miranda Caudell-

Faculty adviser:Susan Winstead-

How Piedmont stole Danielle Percival’s heart

Danielle Percival- Assistant Athletic Director of Communications

Assistant Athletic Director for Communications Danielle Percival wanted a place with community, family, and a sense of belonging. She found all of that here, at Piedmont University. 

“Just being a part of such a close knit family organization has been really helpful for me,” Percival said. “For me, I don’t know what’s next but my career has continued to progress during my time here and I’m really thankful that Piedmont has believed in me to take the next steps in my career even while I’ve been here.”

Percival went through some hardships in her life while on her route to her job at Piedmont. She came here with a partner whom she has since divorced, which allowed for her journey of personal growth and development. 

“I am with someone who I’ve been seeing for the past two years and it’s fantastic, life’s good,” she said. 

Percival started her journey at Troy University where she earned a degree in broadcast journalism in 2014. While at Troy, she assisted on the student-run television station, learning how to shoot and edit packages for local news over the course of four years. Local news really wasn’t where she wanted to go with her career, however, she had a huge interest in college sports. This led her into pursuing avenues within collegiate athletics. Piedmont was looking for a person with a broadcast background to bring more coverage to home events.

During her career here at Piedmont, Percival advanced from being the assistant director of athletic communications to taking over the director role when Timmy McCormack became the head women’s soccer coach in 2017. In 2019, Percival was presented the opportunity to return to her alma mater, Troy University, to be their director of athletic communications. But by then, Piedmont was in her heart. “I was able to use that as a way to give myself a reason to get a title advancement here, saying I really want to be here and I want to stay here but let’s make this worth my while because I have an opportunity to go back home,” she said. “But I really enjoy Piedmont and so I became the Assistant Athletic Director of Communications in 2019.”

During that time, Percival also became a part of the admin team here which was extremely crucial with COVID right around the corner. Piedmont really needed to have a communications plan to be able to make certain decisions on communication pieces during that time. The timing of it all was very critical and worked out perfectly. 

“What I love most is the relationships that form through this job. Whether it be students, coaches or parents, it’s the relationships that matter and make the job worth the long hours,” she said. 

Written by: Megan Schaefer

All About Me

Photo of me

My motto in life is “you only live once”. I know it may sound very cliche, but I live by this saying. Growing up, I never realized how much this short phrase would impact my life in the future. Nonetheless, I am so grateful it has.

Throughout 2020, my family and I suffered through much pain associated with the tremendous loss of two dear family members. Just months apart, we lost both my cousin Timmy and my uncle Jimi very suddenly. My uncle Jimi died on New Year’s Eve, which started 2020 off with heartbreak and sadness. Eleven months after his death, in November, my cousin Timmy died. The shock of his death was almost unbearable, forcing my family and I back into the same spiral of heartache and depression we experienced throughout the mourning of my uncle.

Me & Uncle Jimmy
Me & Timmy

Although we had separated in recent years as a result of the decisions he made, Timmy and I were close when I was younger. After moving back home to be with the family again, I was excited to rekindle our once sibling-like relationship. Leading up to his death, Timmy was at a good place in his life with his family supporting him through it all. He had a stable job and even blessed our family with his beautiful daughter, Elizabeth Grace. When he departed this world at such a young age, it truly opened my eyes to how short life can be. His death made me want to begin living to the fullest and influenced the decisions I have made.

Old photo of me & Timmy

During this time, I also was faced with the difficult task of choosing my path for college. I thought I knew what I wanted to do but had many second thoughts. However, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. After the tragic death of my cousin Timmy, I knew that I wanted to follow a very strong passion of mine: film. Although making it in the film industry is extremely difficult, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life trying. I know that the road is hard but I am determined to follow my dreams, and I do it all for the ones who are living with the angels.