Taylor Browning: Bigger Than You

Taylor Browning not only tries to bring out the best in himself, but also others.

“It’s a lot more challenging to try to bring the best out of other people versus yourself”, he said.

Browning experienced great success throughout his athletic career and the trend has seemed to carry over into his coaching career as well. Browning was born in Reno, Nevada, but for the majority of his childhood grew up in Colorado. He ran track at the University of Redlands, where he became an All-American sprinter. After graduation, Browning moved to Georgia for his first official job as an assistant track coach at the University of Augusta, which jump-started his career.

“The biggest challenge is knowing that you’re not going to be able to help everybody, he said.” “Some people just aren’t going to hit PRs and sometimes as a coach there’s not really much you can do, it’s hard to accept that sometimes.”

Browning goes into a little more detail of how his coaching career started. He says there are minor differences in place setting because “people are people.” He gives insight to aspiring athletes about how to shape thinking and future coaches about networking/making connections.

“Comparison is the thief of happiness and you’ll always have to try to be the best that you can be and be satisfied, he said.” “Like making peace with the fact that some people are going to be better than you no matter how hard you work.”

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