Caleb Rogers: We All Want The Same Things

I’ve always been that person who puts other peoples needs before my own, but over the years have learned how important it is to make sure my needs have been taken care of so that I can then give. I believe that has shaped my personality and the way I work in this world. The past 21 years have been exciting, adventurous, daunting, eye opening, and most importantly loving. My family and friends are my “why” in life. They are the reason I will never giving up on the things I’ve always dreamed of doing, no matter how hard things will get. If there is anything I’ve taken from my experience thus far its to be optimistic, do the things that make you happy, never give up, and be creative/unique. I wouldn’t be who I am if it wasn’t for the love I’ve received. One of my favorite quotes says, “We all want the same things: to feel safe, to love, and to be loved.”

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