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Relationship between Knee Strength, Coordination, and Stability by History of Knee Stability

Senior exercise science major Jazmin Penado has always been intrigued by knee injuries as they are very comon in sports. She presented at Piedmont College’s first annual P.R.I.D.E. Day, she presented on ways to avoid and how to combat different types of knee injuries.

“There’s been an increased number of female athletes participating in sports throughout the nation and with an increased number of participants comes an increased number of knee injuries,” Penado said.

    “ My main goal is to determine the relationship between knee strength, coordination, and stability by a history of knee injury in female collegiate softball players.”

Knee injuries have been prevalant over the past decade, no matter the sport. Whether it be contact or non-contact knee injuries are something that will always be a pivotal concern in a players career. 

“A study by the NCAA states that 42 percent of all injuries of the lower extremities came by non-contact, and 19 percent of those were ACL injuries,” said Penado.

Knee injuries, no matter the severity, can affect the player’s career and greatly determine the athletes’ performance. Knee stability and strength have a significant influence on a player’s injury risk; prior injuries have a significant effect on an athletes chance of re-injury. Neuromuscular and strength training of the knee muscles have a significant impact on a player’s chance of injury. Neuromuscular training allows the athlete to know their limits and thus act in a more assertive matter.

“Not only do the muscles become stronger, but the ligaments themselves and the bones are able to absorb more shock and therefore resist all the stress you put upon it.”

Stability in the knee is something that has equal importance as strength. Without stabilization, the muscles become obsolete and are useless.

The multiple tests that Penado ran focused on different aspects, as in single-leg drop tests and single-leg press, both focused on knee stability and their strength across her field of participants amongst the collegiate softball players. 

 “There are many factors that go into an athletes success, and the strength and stabilization of the knee joint could be the difference between a successful season or a season spent on the injured list and in the training room.” Penado said.

RR8: The Eternal Cliché

This chapter Knight is talking all about overused phrases and how to avoid them and ultimately make your writing better. He says, “Words get tired, people get tired of words and expressions that have lost their meaning because they are worn out”

That is such a true statement said by Mr. Knight because it seems like time after time you hear these phrases and/or words they lose their lackluster after their repetitiveness. As Knight says later in the chapter, “No matter how well the cliche fits, the readers have heard it so often that they’re tired of it.”

He also goes on and talks about what are some cliches that you most likely do not want to use in certain situations like busy as a bee, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks or that’s how the cookie crumbles. Knight is trying to say that yeah all of these have meaning behind them and they might get the point across, just find another way to say them, spice it up a little bit and keep it fresh.

Disaster Drill Dilemma

First responders from Demorest and Habersham got their taste of what it would be like for a massive scale fire, and the precise details that come between life and death. 

“We had over a hundred injuries including 28 fatalities,” said Capt. Adams of Habersham County Emergency Services.

Amongst those injured “28 were very critical to moderately critical with patients being transported to Habersham and Northeast Georgia medical center as well as one child flown down to CHOA.” Adams said.

On March 27, Piedmont college held its annual Disaster Drill where showcases the junior and senior nursing student’s abilities to react in real-life situations. This years theme was a fire in the Swanson center. According to reports, the fire started at 10 a.m. with an explosion shortly after that. Roughly around 100 civilians were harmed in this accident with 28 people not making it out alive. Although this was just a drill, it was very realistic for the nursing majors to get practice in if something like this were ever to happen.

“We want to make it a very realistic event so that it will be beneficial for all of the agencies involved,” said Assistant Professor Karen Grelich.

This event was no small operation, from all of the agencies who were involved to the actors and around 400 students and volunteers. There were months of preparation going into this event with planning going back to May of 2018, from getting the details of what the theme of the drill would be to the coordination between all of the separate agencies. All were parts of the planning to make this year’s disaster day drill come into fruition.

“Each year, our campus community and area emergency response personnel come together to create this incredible real-world learning experience for our students,” said Grelich in the official press release for Piedmont College.

“These guys and gals are always wanting a real-world situation they can use their skills and hone their skills. The smoke, the noise, the lights, this is what they are going to be faced with as the Junior and Senior nursing students graduate and go into their careers,” said Fred Bucher Director of Facilities and Safety for Piedmont College.

Whether it be real life or a drill, Piedmont College has given students the ability and knowledge to react in a timely and precise manner through the practice of this drill.

“This place would be swarming with different personnel and different agencies,” Rob Moore said during the press conference following the drill “This is just kind of how it has to work in a disaster.”    

RR 5:

Fake news is a phrase that you hear a lot thrown around these days, especially in journalism. One reason why they do it is to get the reads, they put out a juicy and interesting headline to suck readers into their articles. Filak also teaches us how to fight fake news by always being suspicious and not believing everything we see without doing some digging first.

Filak also talks about how this is the social media era. That social media is how we get most of our news, and all of the platforms that are out there. He also states that we are losing our attention spans because of it and I would thoroughly agree with it. Every time a notification pops up on your phone you have to check it as soon as it pops up. It’s just the way we live now, the information and everything we need is in the palm of our hands.  

The Life of Justin White

From crossing the Grand Teton Mountains in a Kia Soul to zip lining with supermodels Justin White continues to “send it.”

“You just have to push it, you have to think about it and you have to see what is surrounding you,” he said, “you can’t just sit there and accept the circumstances.”

Adventuring has always been in Justin’s DNA, and his journey has since led him to be the assistant director of student activities and wellness at Piedmont College. The way he got here was not planned but “by chance.” He said, “Life is kinda like a road, you just gotta pick one and just go.”

Life is all about seeking discomfort and stepping out of your comfort zone and making that leap of faith. White has fully embodied this mindset throughout his adventures in life.

“All right, here we go!”
Teton National park is one of the most majestic mountain ranges here in the U.S. But when Justin White takes it on he goes to different lengths to trek through it. When asked by one of his friends if he wanted to go camping in the Tetons, he was quick to accept the offer. But there would be no normalcy to it, driving through the back country of Teton National Park, White had all of his belongings in his 2012 Kia Soul as he was moving at the time and decided to take on this treacherous adventure. While encountering a few Bison crossings and enjoying the Midwest scenery, they soon came across a river and had to make a decision to cross. He simply said, “All right, here we go!”

“He always encourages me to do the absolute most.” “Always give it 100 percent, and just ‘full send it’ as he says” Said Noah Wood, an employee of White’s at the Piedmont rock wall.

Just “sending it” is a major part of Justin’s life and he makes sure to let everyone know that if they are hesitating with something in life, to just “Send it.”

A friend of White, said he is always encouraging people to get out of their comfort zone. Close friend Cordell Jones said, “By always pushing folks, whether it be in the form of random excursions or just having new experiences.”

From being a thrill seeker to connecting with students at Piedmont, White said it is important to keep an open mind.

“Say you are sitting down and you have a plate of food and everyone else has a plate of food, you just can’t sit there and eat your food and be content with it. You have to try a little but from each one. You just have to travel out and see what is out there and experience the differences in the world.”

Christian Castro: a short story

Christian Castro has always been an active guy growing up and always been involved with sports playing soccer, basketball and playing baseball for around 10 years. But injuries held him back from continuing.

When asked about what his dream job would be he said, “I would like to be involved with sports in any way that he can.” he said that ” Being in the stadiums, you feel that moment where everything seems like it is in slow motion. You hear the crowd roaring, it is an amazing feeling.”

He also said that he would love to get a job that travels the world, “Seeing new places, experiencing new cultures, and living life to the fullest, because we only get one chance at life.”

RR4: Follow the Lede-r

Having a strong lede at the beginning of the story is very important for captivating the reader and grasping their interest. Knight and Filak both emphasize this and how important it is in writing. In my case I’ve never had to write a lede, it’s always been an introduction paragraph and I kind of have it serve the same purpose. Grabbing the readers attention is something I often struggle with when it comes to long papers. I have since found out that it should be short and to the point, but in the same case in the midst of being short grabbing the readers attention.