Connor’s Autobiography

My name is Connor Creedon and I am a sophomore here at Piedmont. I am a sports communications major and so far I am enjoying what I have been learning here.

I am originally from Duluth, Georgia where my mom, dad, and sister are doing there best to stay busy while we live through these crazy and uncertain times. I spent the summer doing lawn word around my town as well as playing lots of video games.

Once I graduate from Piedmont, I hope to be able to get a job working in the behind the scenes areas of different sports outlets, rather than up front and in the focus of the camera. Things like video and audio production are interesting to me so maybe I will get involved with those once it’s time to step into the job world.

Currently I am also part of the cross country and track programs here at Piedmont, which is probably my favorite part. The team is full of fun people and watching the hard work pay off in the competitions is something that is really fulfilling. It is also a great way to spend time with my girlfriend who is also on the team so overall I love everything that comes with it.

This year I hope to become sharper at doing things such as video and audio production. Becoming a better writer in general is something that comes with lots of practice as well as trial and error. I hope to improve in that regard so hopefully I can have all of these skills come together and use them to benefit myself for years to come.

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