Kaylie Barrett

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I am Kaylie Barrett, a freshman here at Piedmont. I am a Nursing major and plan to work as an OR Nurse once I graduate. I am also a student athlete and compete on the track team here. 

My family is my greatest possession. I am the oldest of only two kids. My brother, Cooper, is 15 and a sophomore in high school. My parents re my biggest supporters in everything that I do. Whether it’s competing in sports or even doing good on a test, they are always encouraging and fill me with positivity.

I attended Chestatee High School where I found my best friends. In the duration of the four years, I spent every summer, Thanksgiving, and Christmas break out on the basketball court. After my second year, I had finally realized that it wasn’t the sport that I loved, it was the people I shared it with. I hated practice. But boy did I love dancing and singing at the top of my lungs in the locker room before and after practice. The girls had become my family, literally. I was spending more time with them on the court than I was spending with my parents and brother. When I played my last game, I was overwhelmed with gratefulness that I had the opportunity to meet my life long best friends.

Growing up, I always had the most wild occupation aspirations. I wanted to be a fashion designer, and plastic surgeon, a movie star assistant. Every eight year old girls dream. Once I got to high school everything changed a bit and I knew that I needed to legitimately focus on my future plans. I took a series of Healthcare classes before deciding this was truly what I was interested in. My senior year I was involved in a program called Work Based Learning that provided me with an internship at a local clinic.While working, I was able to do nursing tasks daily. By the end of the year, I was able to sit in on surgeries and that was when I fully decided that OR Nursing is where I wanted to be. 

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