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Max Miller…Student to Coach!

Failing at something is one of the hardest things to deal with, especially when you have worked so hard to get to that point in life. And when it happens everyone tells you, “You have to fail before you succeed,” or “Try harder next time and hope for the best.” This was the case for Max Miller, former athlete and now a graduate student here at Piedmont University. 

Born a twin on Jan. 1, 1999, Miller seemed to be a lucky kid from the start of his life, but in his own words “life happens.” Miller ran cross country and track & field at River Ridge high school in Woodstock, Georgia. “At the beginning of high school, I wanted to run,” Miller said. “Then towards the end of my high school career, it was no longer a goal until I hit track season and started performing at a level, I thought was possible.”  

This “level” allowed Miller to be recruited by Piedmont University, to compete at the colligate level in cross country and track & field. “I never heard of Piedmont when I was in high school until they started recruiting my twin sister for hurdles,” Miller said. “After looking at some of their times, I signed up for a recruiting visit and got the same treatment as her. Then I came, and she did not. So, I stayed to run and study in the athletic training program.”  

Piedmont’s athletic training program is one of the best in Georgia ranking fourth behind University of Georgia, Georgia Southern University and Georgia College & State University. It requires some of the hardest courses on campus, and many students change majors. In the case of Miller, adversity struck his senior year, but he was prepared to face it head-on with the next step in his life. “I failed out of the A.T program, so things change, and life happens,” Miller said. “I had some environmental factors come in last year, I was athletic training all the way up until last spring and then I was forced to change master’s programs into health and human performance.” 

Now enrolled in the graduate program, Miller is excited about the potential opportunities in the field. “With that master’s program, you pretty much do one thing and that is become an athletic trainer,” Miller said. “Now with health and human performance, I can do a lot of things, which includes being a coach for many different sports. I am currently doing my internship with the Piedmont University track team, and I have loved every second of it.” 

Interview with Coach Alex Buchman

Assistant Soccer Coach Alex Buchman has always wanted to be a coach and his dreams came true here at Piedmont College.

“Start with whatever coaching opportunity you can get and take advantage of it.”, he said.

Growing up in Wisconsin Buchman played several sports: soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and baseball in the spring. While Buchman was growing up, his dad would always be his coach, and this influenced him to start wanting to be one as well. In high school, Buchman and his best friend coached a youth basketball team for the first time, and this is what started his passion.

Buchman never saw coaching as a career for him. He was looking forward to just coaching his kids in the future until he was given the opportunity to coach at Piedmont College in 2019.

“It became a career rather than a hobby for me.”, he said.

Surprisingly a soccer coach now, Buchman enjoyed baseball much more than soccer. However, he continued to play soccer into college because he realized he was better at it than baseball. He still watches baseball to help give him a break from soccer. As a huge Brewers fan, he tries to go and watch them play the Braves every chance he gets.

“Growing up baseball was actually my passion.”, he said.

He attended a division 3 school to play soccer and study general management for business. It is a similar school to Piedmont College, but their school has 15,000 students rather than 1,500 here. Buchman enjoyed his time at the University of Wisconsin White Water and he still keeps in contact with most of his old teammates and friends. Buchman says a willingness to pursue opportunity is the key to success.

“The are endless opportunities of where you can coach you just have to go out and get them.”