Global Hand Washing Day

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Sept. 4, 2020

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Clean Hands for All

Piedmont Professor Dr. Julia Schmitz enlightens students on effective handwashing

Demorest, Georgia, Sept. 4, 2020 — Piedmont College will be participating in Global Handwashing day on Oct. 15, helping to spread awareness for the best, and most effective way to fight germs and save lives.

“When you’re washing your hands with soap, the bacteria tends to stick to the grease and oils on your hands. The soap acts as a mediator,” said Dr. Julia Schmitz, biology professor at Piedmont College.

When debating whether to use hand sanitizer or soap, Dr. Schmitz said the chemical properties in both products produce effective results, but handwashing is clearly better. Hand Sanitizer contains alcohol and kills bacteria but, leaves a slight number of bacteria remaining on your hands.

Hand soap acts as a mediator between the oils on your hands and water. Rinsing hand soap allows for the bacteria to also rinse off your hands, unlike how hand sanitizer leaves the oils on your hands. Washing and rinsing with soap and water allows for bacteria to flow off of your hands for effective clean and sanitary finish. 

“We can’t tolerate as hot of the water we need to really effectively kill the germs,” said Schmitz. “But handwashing does remove more of the germs.”

Hot water is the better temperature to use when handwashing. Dr. Schmitz advises to use a temperature as hot as tolerable over cold water. Everyone should wash their hands constantly and thoroughly, but especially before, between and after cooking, when caring for someone who is sick, elderly or adolescent, and when handling garbage or pets. 

Global Handwashing Day is dedicated to increasing awareness and importance of handwashing with soap as an effective way to prevent disease. Piedmont College will be participating in the event by holding a handwashing exercise in the Commons, as well as hosting a TikTok video competition for students.

To spread awareness for effective handwashing, order free handwashing posters to enlighten others on the importance of fighting off germs by washing your hands. For more information on handwashing: .

National handwashing day is dedicated to increasing awareness and importance of handwashing with soap as an effective way to prevent disease.


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