Not Trump 2020

In every election year, Americans are given a unique freedom: the freedom to peaceably and legally overthrow the government as they see fit. In 2020, it is the predilection of journalists from coast to coast to overthrow the Trump presidency.

Journalists across the country have a vast array of political beliefs. For every policy and platform, there is a journalist who supports it and one who vehemently opposes it. However, there is one pillar of American freedom journalists from purple mountains to golden wheat fields can agree: the right to a free press cannot be infringed. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution demands that all citizens, while on American soil, be free to speak, assemble, petition, believe and report as they see fit.

Throughout the duration of his campaign, the election and presidency of Donald J. Trump, the country has watched him desecrate the sacred institution of the media. At every turn, President Trump has defiled journalists and spoken fear into the hearts of Americans. This puts a barrier between him and the truth, and between the American people and those whose sole duty is to keep them informed. 

From taking Jim Acosta’s press credentials to the rise of terminology such as “Fake News,” the president has made no secret about his distrust of the media. He has stated the true opponent of the Republican Party is the media and refers to media outlets by damaging nicknames if he doesn’t find them “friendly” to his administration. In doing so, he has convinced millions of Americans that a free press is the enemy of America and journalists are the enemy of the American people. A good journalist checks their biases and covers every angle. While we have our own beliefs, it is our duty to present the facts. Do not mistake this for balance, as the facts rarely fall in the center.

It is not our job as journalists to force our political beliefs onto people who trust us to report the news, but it is our job to protect and defend the First Amendment. As a result, TheRoar is endorsing ‘Not Trump’ in 2020. We aren’t toeing a party line. We all have different political views, but we do not condone the treatment of journalists by this administration and we strongly oppose his reelection. In November, we encourage you to go to the polls and vote, but we ask you to bear in mind the consequences of four more years of the suppression of media coverage. 

In 2020, we endorse a vote for the freedom of press.

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