Passion towards change

Kristi Koshuta, from Wisconsin looks past being so far away from home due to her love of education and students making it the core of her passion. 

“I love the size of Piedmont and being able to get to know so many students on campus.” 

Koshuta feels as though the students at Piedmont are part of her family. “I LOVE the students and the people that I work with and their passion for helping students succeed,” she said. 

Koshuta says she has always loved teaching and could not see herself doing anything else. Teaching math for 15 years at the high school level and eight years at the college level, Koshuta has always been involved in education. Director of student transition and success, Instructor of math and SAIL program coordinator at Piedmont College  Koshuta runs tutoring facilities and athlete student success at Lane Hall. Students are able to schedule tutoring appointments from a selection of subjects. Tutors are students Koshuta herself employs herself who have obtained an A average in that subject. 

Koshuta also founded the SAIL program that helps upcoming first-year college students connect, build relationships, develop leadership skills, and navigate college effectively.

 “Connecting with students and finding ways to empower them and help them be successful and grow.” 

The SAIL program has given Koshuta a new transition into education from a different perspective. “I fell in love with this! So the transition to creating and working with our SAIL Program was a natural transition.” 

The future is bright for the SAIL program, which started in 2018. “I would like to focus on more effectively expanding and enhancing the entire first-year experience for all incoming students.” 

Koshuta wishes to develop her programs and resources to fit all students wants and needs. Not only focusing on Piedmont itself, Koshuta focuses on  the surrounding communities and building relationships and connections to enhance programming. The decision to choose Piedmont where her husband John Koshuta is an assistant professor of nursing and health sciences, turned into a world of growth and opportunity for herself setting a foundation for Piedmont for years to come. Student success is Koshuta’s main priority and ambition. 

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