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Chapters five and six in Robert M. Knight’s “Journalistic Writing” reminded me, once again, that my major and minor go hand-in-hand. Through my writing for “The Roar,” as well as my creative writing and writing for English classes, I am able to combine all the best parts of English and Mass Communication. Knight reminds writers to keep their content simple and clear. From what I know and the experience I have, I’m able to communicate in clear and concise language when writing journalistically.

I was happy to see Knight address sexism in the English language. While I love the English language, it does have flaws, and the use of “he” as a pronoun in sentences with no real subject is one that bothers me the most. As a journalist in a fairly progressive paper, I’ve been proud that my fellow editors also use “they” pronouns anywhere writing doesn’t reference a specific person. “He or she” has always struck me as intolerant of those who do not identify as male or female, and I hope that journalism continues to evolve in their usage of  “they.”

Overall, the reading didn’t impact me the way someone new to journalism would be. It was, however, a valuable refresher. I continue to be disgusted by the lack of the Oxford comma.