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Jessekah A.K.A “Baby”

Jessekah struggled in her early years of high school but later on in her sophomore year she found herself, made friends, and accepted who she was.

Jessekah is a 18 year old freshman at Piedmont College. She went to high school at Duluth High School, where she adopted the nickname “Baby.” She stated, ” I was the youngest one in my class and I was the shortest, so that nickname stuck.”

Jessekah was choosing between Piedmont and Harvard to further her education. Piedmont won the battle against the prestigious school. The mass communications major stated “I’ve always wanted to be on CNN… but i knew I wanted to do journalism and writing.” Jessekah plans on graduating from Piedmont College with her mass communications degree and hopefully working for CNN one day.


The World is Her Oyster

Piedmont freshman Anna Watson is one of many new female lacrosse players here on campus. Leaving home to become a Lioness has been both a dream and a challenge.

Three generations of Anna’s family live in the same house, complete with a 9 year old chow/husky mix -that keeps grandpa young and vibrant. “He gets in my grandpa’s way a lot.”

When Anna left to come to college she wasn’t sure what her goals were other than to further her education and play lacrosse. “I don’t really know what I want to do when I graduate yet.” But one thing she is certain of, “I love the team that I have.”

Anna currently resides in the dorms and misses home and her boyfriend of two and a half years.

Keaton Benfield

Discovering ones self can happen at many times in life. That is exactly what is happening to 20-year-old Piedmont College student Keaton Benfield.

Keaton Benfield is an English major with all the dreams and passions of an aspiring writer. He realizes that he is constantly changing while on his journey. “I’m not the same person I was when I started here” Keaton said.

“I’ve learned so much and had to deal with the stress of dealing with problems that your not familiar with. So that helps you grow, but it also tells you what your annoyed with and what your strengthens an weaknesses are.”

Keaton is in his third year at Piedmont and is well into his English Major studies, but in discovering things about himself, he found a passion for journalism. “I would start writing a book, but realize it’s just like someone else’s, but I also like journalism and giving information to people who wouldn’t have it” Keaton said. He is now studying Mass Communications as well as English.

Keaton has won two awards or significant note. He won a Young Georgia Authors award in high school, and Keaton presented a research paper in New Orleans. Keaton excels at whatever he sets his sights on, and he is always finding the next step in a new exciting direction.

Emily Pierce: Short Profile

Growing up, Emily Pierce always wanted to be a Language Arts educator for young children, and by the end of her high school years from Parkview High, Pierce was certain of her calling to be a teacher. Going in to Piedmont College as an English Education major, she thought she could do no wrong, but the farther Pierce got into her education major, the more she realized teaching wasn’t for her. Despite not wanting to be a teacher anymore, Pierce still had a passion for helping and educating people and keeping others informed.

At the crossroads of her decision, she discovered Social Justice – or more, social justice found her. She was the guinea pig for the Lillian Smith Scholarship Program here at Piedmont and during her time here and she was given the opportunity to intern at a Reforming Arts for women at the Lee Arrendale State prison, which she states was an eyeing experience for her. Currently in her senior year here at Piedmont College, Pierce is working on a presentation on Lillian Smith and her book Killers of the Dream, which isn’t widely known.

Pierce still pursues English as her main focus and plans to graduate this year with a B.A. in English, and as for her plans after college, Pierce hopes to attend UGA’s graduate program to continue her love of English and study more on Lillian Smith’s life and works. “

Zoe Hunter Profile Story

Changing majors in college is common as students decide on career paths. Changing majors to hone in on a career chosen before college is less common. However, one Piedmont College student has done just that.

“I knew I wanted to be a travel photographer before I got here, but I wasn’t sure how to do it,” Zoe Hunter, a freshman art and mass communications double major, said.

Although Hunter thought about pursuing a culinary degree, she said she always wanted cameras growing up and liked traveling. Hunter also cited being a visual learning and having a curious nature.

“Last summer, everything kinda clicked. I realized it was a passion of mine,” Hunter said. “I really just want to travel all over and discover the world.”

Hunter started at Piedmont this past fall as a business and art double major, but found that business wasn’t working for her. Then she learned about the photojournalism aspect of Piedmont’s mass communications program, and decided to change her major.

As to whether or not it will stick, Hunter seems pretty sure of the major change. “I ain’t going back to business.”

A Chris Barker Profile

Chris Barker, a Piedmont student was born and raised in Athens, Georgia. Piedmont was not Chris’ first choice when it comes to schools. However, he was resurrected in a way by attending this school. A Mass Communications major who has found a home here. He has always had a passion for computers. In fact, during his early school years, he and friends would break fire walls on computers for teachers. This eventually led to a fondness of gaming. Any console is fun for Chris. He loves them all when it comes to gaming.

Nick Pope Short Profile

Born in Florida and raised in Valdosta, GA Nick has been apart of the soccer team since coming to Piedmont College. “I came to Piedmont because my roommate and I had already known each other and we were both going to play soccer.” Nick stated that he has has thoroughly enjoyed playing soccer here and his only complaint was that the season is so short.

He has always had a love for soccer and when asked what he plans to do with soccer he stated that he would like to pursue coaching.

Nick is also a Sports Communication major and he plans to use that to aid him in his plans of becoming a soccer coach.