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Disaster Drill Story Revise

Every year Piedmont College holds a disaster drill on their campus. Many students that study in different fields, all come together to make this event whole. The event is initially for the R.H. Daniel Nursing and Health and Science majors. They are able to gain real-life experiences in a fiction setting. Mass Communications and theater majors play a role in making this event successful as well. Local emergency services also come out and support the main cause. With everything put together, Piedmont College is able to create a false sense of chaos, for students to be ready in their field.

Connor Jelley and Nate Roys saw everything for what it truly was, because they were behind the camera the entire time. Both are mass communication majors, and both take filming very seriously. Jelley was impressed with the amount of people that came together to make everything happen. “The smoke effects and makeup really made it feel like an explosion actually happened.” Roys said the preparation impressed him. “My favorite part was seeing the theater department work on the victims beforehand………. victims that had very realistic looking injuries was awesome.”

Piedmont Police Chief Jim Andrews said the nursing students are the future caregivers for our community, they need proper resources to be ready and be experienced for real life. He said plans are already underway for next year. “We’ve already started to plan a 1 to 2 hour meeting next week with the nursing department on what we can do better.” Even though the drill is not real, the school makes sure that all majors gain real life experience.


RR #8

This chapter covers something I struggled with in high school. Over used words can kill your story by making it boring. Its not hard to use different kinds of words by utilizing synonyms in your writing. In most cases this will extremely improve your writing by giving it more depth and making it more enjoyable to read.

The next topic covered is cliché in writing. I see clichés being used because we are all taught to write a certain way for years and penalized if we slightly stray from that. By doing this its cause a overuse of the same style whenever a writer gets comfortable. When everyone is taught the same it creates a space of clichés everyone uses with few being original.

Reading Response 8

In this chapter Knight talks about the overuse of certain words and phrases and how they hurt your writing of stories. People get tired of seeing the words over and over again and they start to have less meaning to them. This has happened before in my writing, as I write really fast sometimes and I don’t realize how many times I use the same word a lot until after I go back and double check it.

Knight also talks about some of the common cliches that are used in writing. He discusses how we should never use these cliches in our writing because it’s unoriginal and repetitive. So many people have seen these cliches too often they will get tired of them and they will have less meaning to them the more they see the sayings.

Disaster Drill at Piedmont College

On Wednesday, March 27th the annual “disaster drill” was held at Piedmont College in Demorest Georgia. The event started at 10 a.m. at the Swanson Center. The disaster drill had many parties involved including mass communication students, nursing students, theatre majors and first responders. Each group had specific assignments for their respective classes. this year’s disaster for the drill was a bomb that went off which caused a building fire.

During this drill, the theatre majors were acting as the injured people in the building and the nursing students were helping them get out and give them medical attention. While this was going on, mass communications students were taking video of the disaster and interviewing people that were involved in the disaster. Mass communication’s student, Connor Jelley said, “Overall the drill went well but they could have done a better job when it comes to making it feel like a disaster and not a scheduled event.”

Jelley was one of the students taking videos of the disaster. His video production class was split into groups and each group had a specific job, whether it was interviewing people, capturing the disaster or filming the set-up of the drill. Jelley’s job was to film inside the building of the injured people. “I really enjoyed this project because it gave me a chance to film a real-life situation.”

Most people involved take this drill very seriously and they should. “The drill is important for mass communication, theatre and nursing departments because it gives students a chance to experience what it would be like working in a real-life chaotic situation,” said mass communication’s student, Nate Roys.

This drill gives the opportunity to have a practice real-life situation before you must do it for the first time. It prepares these students for what they will encounter.

The disaster drill at Piedmont College has been going on for a few years. Each year the disaster is different, which helps prepare students for anything. “I wouldn’t say one was better than the other because they each focused on different emergencies. However, the weather was better this year than last year, so it allowed for the helicopter to land which really added to the day in a positive way,” said second year attendee, Davis Barlow.

Planning for next year’s drill is already underway.

Disaster Strikes Piedmont College: What Caused the Mysterious Fire?

On March 29, 2019, Piedmont’s Swanson Center for Performing Arts and Communications broke out in a devastating and unknown fire that killed 28 people. Seconds later a massive explosion near the theatre stage sent everyone in the building into a state of chaos calling for help.

The call came into the 911 Habersham center at around 10 a.m. and reported the fire and multiple injuries to Habersham EMA Director Lynne Smith.

“As things progressed we were requesting additional units, the coroner and mobile morgue,” said Smith.

Piedmont Police Chief Jim Andrews said agencies showing up at the scene of the disaster included the Cities of Demorest and Cornelia fire and police departments, Habersham County EMS and Medical Center, Sheriff’s Office, Habersham County Fire department, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, Homeland security, 911/Emergency Management Agency, Habersham Search and Rescue and the District Two Public Health Administration. A helicopter, drones and rescue dogs also were at the scene searching for victims.

Local EMS ran into the buildings saving some of the victims and brought them to the medic station for immediate medical attention. Smoke was seen billowing from the Swanson Center by onlookers and the fire wouldn’t seem to give out.

“It took a lot to put out the fire, and there were over a hundred total victims injured in the fire,” said, Jason Davey, the assistant fire chief for Habersham County.

Rob Moore, the Public information officer for Campus Police, said, “there were 28 confirmed fatalities, and the bodies had to be removed from the building due to the severity of the fire.”

Everyone at the scene is in disbelief at what happened to one of the safest colleges in Georgia.

“At this moment, it is way to early to determine the cause of the fire and state fire investigators are in route to find out what really happened at the Swanson center.” Said Moore.


In this chapter, Knight talked about overused phrases, and also how to avoid these overused words. Sometimes for me I catch myself using the same words and phrases over and over again. Usually, I catch it when I am proof reading my paper and realize I have the same words over and over again.

Knight also talked about cliches. He said they are not necessarily needed in writing. I agree with him. I believe that they are over used and does not help your writing. To me, cliches are meant for younger writers with a not so serious writing assignment.

He talks about basic cliches that people use and why you should not use them. Everyone knows the meanings to the classic cliches so Knight says to make it your own and make it unique. I agree with him because I think making something unique will make your writing more interesting.

Disaster Drill

Disaster on Piedmont Colleges campus? Nope, just the Piedmont College Disaster Drill of 2019 held by the R.H Daniel School of Nursing.

The school and community participated in the annual Disaster Drill this past Wednesday, March 27. The disaster for this year’s drill was a fire that started in the theatre of the Swanson Center at Piedmont College. Junior nursing students as victims of the fire and senior nursing students as the nurses assessed their injuries from the fire. Piedmont’s theatre department helped create a realistic fire setting for the drill. They help do victim’s makeup, added smoke to the scene and added lighting and pyrotechnics to set the scene of a fire disaster.

Fred Bucher, Piedmont Colleges facilities management and safety director was on the scene of the Disaster Drill. He helps maintain campus safety and helped create this year’s event.

“The smoke, the noise, the lights… this is what they’re going to be faced with moving on into their career,” said Bucher.

Senior nursing student Katelyn Durmire was on the scene of the drill and was one of the nurses that got to give handson aid to the victims of the fire.

“The disaster drill is a good practice opportunity for us as nursing students to be prepared for our future jobs coming up in the next year or so,” Said Durmire. “It’s a very realistic setting that we get to be placed in to help victims right away.”

This Disaster Drill also serves as practice for the first responders in the community. Piedmont Police Chief Jim Andrews said.

“he responders involved were the City of Demorest Police, Habersham County Medical Center and EMS, Habersham County Fire Department, Sheriff’s Office, 911/Emergency Management Agency, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, Homeland Security, Habersham Search and Rescue and the District Two Public Health Administration.”

Having all the first responders on the scene is important to show the lifelike resemblance of an actual fire taking place and what everyone’s roles are in helping victims.

An Airlife Georgia helicopter based in Gainesville, Georgia, Homeland Security drone and rescue dogs were also on the scene in order to help simulate a real fire disaster. Having the first responders from all areas of the field is very beneficial for Piedmonts nursing students to get used to working with responders, because one day it won’t be a drill and they will have to work hand in hand with them. Andrews said.

With the help of about 400 students overall, the disaster drill of 2019 involved many.