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Final RR

Chapter 12 was definitely a review for me. A lot of common sense. Always be careful what you say and the words you use. It could get you in a lot of trouble. The law will not always protect you which you should already know.

Filak talks about how the law is always changing and that reports should always be up to speed about what is going on. He also explains to always be careful what you publish. I’ve seen reports that have gotten a lot of hate just because of the title. Always be careful what you write.

Filak talks about how ethics is very important to journalist. People might not pay attention to your write ups if you aren’t using ethics. You want people to believe in your work so always use ethics that back your work up.

PC Softball

  Maintaining their history of success, as a USA South conference powerhouse, the Piedmont Lions softball team is having yet another spectacular year. Coached by Terry Martin, John Winters and Taylor Waldrop, the Lady Lions posted an overall record of 29-8, good enough for second place in the conference in the regular season. They will be going to the conference tournament Wednesday in hopes of bringing a conference championship back to Demorest. 

This year’s team is filled with experienced seniors but having younger players is playing a key role in their success. The Lady Lions are led by senior sluggers Hannah Hoban and Mariann Kennison. Both have had monster years; Hoban is slashing .447/.545/.913 with 59 runs batted in and 10 home runs. Kennison is slashing .491/.560/.860 with 34 runs batted in and 8 home runs. “I think I’m having the year I am having because I’m just playing for my teammates and keeping things simple,” Kennison said.   

Kennison has been a huge help in the Lady Lions offense this season and hopes to continue her production in the conference tournament. Rebekah Stegmayer, along with Kennison both broke the regular season record in runs scored. Stegmayer also stole 35 bases while only being thrown out one time. While Kennison and Stegmayer are breaking records now, the future of the team looks good. 

Freshman making the transition into college is always hard, not only with softball but with school as well. “We miss a lot more class now and I have had to adjust my time management to stay caught up,” says freshman Maddy Holloway. 

Having more difficult classes to go along with workouts, conditioning and practice, causes students to miss a lot of class and they must stay on top of all their school work.  

“In high school I always played shortstop but here the coaches told me I will play anywhere so I had to learn new positions and adjust to being thrown in wherever,” said Holloway.  

Most freshman do not start right away but must be ready to go in whenever and do their job. Holloway hopes to land a starting spot in the future. 

Every good team must have a good team chemistry. If your team does not get along with each other than your team most likely will not succeed. “Overall, we have become more of a family than just teammates. We have each other’s back off the field so when we are on the field, the bond just becomes so much stronger. We all know that everyone on the team has confidence in each other. We have learned to just have fun and forget the mistakes,” said senior pitcher Kory Best.  

“This year we have had the talent, heart and the ability to do a lot of things and I couldn’t be prouder in how far this team has come in just one year. This team has truly been special no matter how far we go,” said senior outfielder Haley McCurry. 

The Piedmont College softball team heads to LaGrange tomorrow with hopes of winning the championship and getting a ring. 

Disaster Drill at Piedmont College

On Wednesday, March 27th the annual “disaster drill” was held at Piedmont College in Demorest Georgia. The event started at 10 a.m. at the Swanson Center. The disaster drill had many parties involved including mass communication students, nursing students, theatre majors and first responders. Each group had specific assignments for their respective classes. this year’s disaster for the drill was a bomb that went off which caused a building fire.

During this drill, the theatre majors were acting as the injured people in the building and the nursing students were helping them get out and give them medical attention. While this was going on, mass communications students were taking video of the disaster and interviewing people that were involved in the disaster. Mass communication’s student, Connor Jelley said, “Overall the drill went well but they could have done a better job when it comes to making it feel like a disaster and not a scheduled event.”

Jelley was one of the students taking videos of the disaster. His video production class was split into groups and each group had a specific job, whether it was interviewing people, capturing the disaster or filming the set-up of the drill. Jelley’s job was to film inside the building of the injured people. “I really enjoyed this project because it gave me a chance to film a real-life situation.”

Most people involved take this drill very seriously and they should. “The drill is important for mass communication, theatre and nursing departments because it gives students a chance to experience what it would be like working in a real-life chaotic situation,” said mass communication’s student, Nate Roys.

This drill gives the opportunity to have a practice real-life situation before you must do it for the first time. It prepares these students for what they will encounter.

The disaster drill at Piedmont College has been going on for a few years. Each year the disaster is different, which helps prepare students for anything. “I wouldn’t say one was better than the other because they each focused on different emergencies. However, the weather was better this year than last year, so it allowed for the helicopter to land which really added to the day in a positive way,” said second year attendee, Davis Barlow.

Planning for next year’s drill is already underway.


In this chapter, Knight talked about overused phrases, and also how to avoid these overused words. Sometimes for me I catch myself using the same words and phrases over and over again. Usually, I catch it when I am proof reading my paper and realize I have the same words over and over again.

Knight also talked about cliches. He said they are not necessarily needed in writing. I agree with him. I believe that they are over used and does not help your writing. To me, cliches are meant for younger writers with a not so serious writing assignment.

He talks about basic cliches that people use and why you should not use them. Everyone knows the meanings to the classic cliches so Knight says to make it your own and make it unique. I agree with him because I think making something unique will make your writing more interesting.

Reading Response 7

After reading this chapter, I was refreshed on some things I already knew but also a few things I that I did not recognize. This chapter reminded me what it takes to be a good journalist.

One of the things I did not recognize was beat reporting. I never really heard of the word “beat” when it comes to journalism. I feel like that is something I should have known but now I know what it is after reading and doing some research on the topic.

Beat reporting is also known as specialized reporting. It is a type of journalism that goes into in-depth reporting on a particular issue. You need to be familiar with the topic in order to be a beat reporter. You can do research to learn more about the topic you are reporting or you can make friends inside the business and listen to their advice. I feel like making connections and communicating will be the most effective way to be successful in beat reporting.

After reading this chapter I learned a lot of new information. This information will help me in this class and in my future plans.

Jared Broughton profile

Jared Broughton was an athletic kid growing up, playing just about every sport, so it’s no surprise his career path took him to coaching. “I fell in love with sports at an early age and I am still in love with them today, said Broughton.”

Broughton is from Indianapolis, Indiana. He played baseball, basketball, football and tennis in high school. After high school, Broughton attended Vincennes University, a junior college located in southeast Indiana. He played one year of baseball there then transferred to the University of Dayton, in Ohio, to play his final three seasons of baseball. During his college years, he found himself eager to be a baseball coach when his playing career ended.

Broughton got into college coaching after graduation at Earlham College, a small Division III liberal arts college located in Richmond, Indiana. After a few years coaching there, he found himself in Demorest, Georgia, where he would become the associate head coach of the Piedmont College Lions.

“I have a very aggressive coaching style,” he said. “We want to have a team that’s hard to play against, steals a lot of bases, and puts pressure on the other team.” “Coach Broughton’s coaching style is a perfect fit for me. Having a good relationship with him allows me to feel comfortable coming to him for help. The best part of it is that I feel like I don’t have to be scared of making a mistake. He always reminds us that if we make a mistake, we should just forget it, move on and get ready for the next play,” said senior first baseman Andrew Burden. “My favorite part about coaching would be the relationships that I get to make with the players,” said Broughton.

Broughton is considered the big brother of the coaching staff and wants to build relationships with every player on the team. Broughton hopes to help the team improve their offensive production, steal more bases, and eventually help the Lions win the the USA South conference championship. “This team has a lot of talent and I feel like these guys could do some very special things this season,” says Broughton.

Jessekah A.K.A “Baby”

Jessekah struggled in her early years of high school but later on in her sophomore year she found herself, made friends, and accepted who she was.

Jessekah is a 18 year old freshman at Piedmont College. She went to high school at Duluth High School, where she adopted the nickname “Baby.” She stated, ” I was the youngest one in my class and I was the shortest, so that nickname stuck.”

Jessekah was choosing between Piedmont and Harvard to further her education. Piedmont won the battle against the prestigious school. The mass communications major stated “I’ve always wanted to be on CNN… but i knew I wanted to do journalism and writing.” Jessekah plans on graduating from Piedmont College with her mass communications degree and hopefully working for CNN one day.