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Reading Response 1

In the chapters for our reading response, Filak explains a few ways to make articles easier for readers to comprehend. One of these ways is to write shorter sentences. Since longer sentences are harder to understand, it makes sense for journalists to write in shorter, simpler sentences. Along with this are what Filak calls the “Killer Be’s”. Be right, be tight, be active, be clear, be smooth, and be quick. Having taken a media writing class before though, most of this information is not new to me. However, having worked on the school newspaper, I have seen them put into practice more and more. Having experience writing, I have seen the effects of following these principles in my own writing as well as my fellow journalists.


An Introduction to a Nerd from Gainesville

My story begins in the small town of Gainesville, GA in 1997. I was raised in a good southern Christian home, with one brother, a dog, and a cat. My upbringing has led me to a love and appreciation of my family, my friends, and my abilities.


LogoIt’s hard to nail down just what defines what made me who I am today. My tastes and interests have often changed over the years, but a pursuit of improvement has always been at the front of my mind. This has led me to many achievements, which took many years to obtain.

One of which is my rank of Eagle Scout, which I had worked to earn for 12 years over my school career. This pursuit to be better also led me to graduate from Chestatee High School in the top 20 of my class. However, I didn’t just partake in mental and morale activities, but physical as well. At the same time as all of these things, I also trained for seven long years to earn my black belt just a year before my Eagle. All this without even mentioning my art as a hobby that I have improved over years of practice.

As you can see, I am a man of many talents. However, I hope to add journalism to my list of talents this upcoming semester. With the help of Dr. Joe Dennis of Piedmont College, I’m sure that this next stage of my life is going to be a great one!