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This chapter is basically about the advances of technology. Technology has been upgrading each and every year. Technology has been good resource for everyone to use to figure out what is going on in society and to know how to do certain things and is the face of the world. Briggs explained that everyone relies on the benefits of tech.

In another section of the chapter Briggs talks about data collection and what it is. It is the process of gathering and measuring information on targeted variables.



Briggs talks about photographs that has to do with story telling in chapter 5. Photographs can have  powerful meanings to them and can symbolize different subjects too.

Pictures can be used to give the viewer or reader a different perspective of the story. Pictures are able to capture emotions, action, and scenes. Meaning whatever the naked eye see there’s a clear meaning to it. Basically can think about whats going on.

Have to be able to comprehend on using a camera, the different ways to handle and to take certain angles of objects. Lightning is one important factor to picture taking.

Donald Trump questions Nike about Colin Kaepernick


Donald Trump questioning Nike about Colin Kaepernick 

Nike is a big business that carries out positivity for children and adults in the world. If certain subjects bring controversy to them, Nike will always make a careful decision.  

Today, Donald Trump questioned Nike by saying, “What was Nike thinking?”  referring to the Colin Kaepernick quote; “Believe in something. Even it means sacrificing everything.”  

Nike has always been about making money. When Nike released Colin Kaepernick onto the face of the campaign a week or two ago, they knew that there was going to be more money coming their way, which has happened There’s an Easy Answer to President Donald Trump’s Question About Nike. I do believe that Nike is trying to make a statement and that’s to show they are not about treating people like dirt. Nike understands exactly what is taking place overtime.   

Lebron James who also has Nike line, tweeted “#JokesOnYou.” He was referring to Donald Trump and all the others who doubted Kaepernick’s success. Lebron’s tweet wasn’t to be negative, but to send a positive message. 

“I don’t like what Nike did. I don’t think it’s appropriate. I honor the flag. I honor our national anthem,” Trump said, what kind of President is he? Is he going to criticize what others of a different race do and say, or is he going to stop and start being the President of the United States with some sense? 

The Nike ad was released Thursday, showing a variety of athletes including Lebron James and former tennis star Serena Williams. The ad ended with the slogan, “It’s only crazy until you do it. Just Do It.”  

With Kaepernick and Nike teaming up together, they will be on unstoppable force that no can trump.  


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In this chapter Filak explains how blogging is a good way of digital influence and besides the writing form there should always be a way to adapt to your writings especially have your audience minds set on what’s going on. Blogging can be used for many different resources during our time today, especially to the media. Sports, news, historical events, etc. are all examples of what blogging would take place on, basically the audiences interest.

There are 3 sources, the reader might not be able to read anymore before the 3rd source and probably start reading another portion of the passage. It is good to engage your readers in social media, and advertising in your blog.



In chapter 3 Filak explained the importance of the grammar structure and how it should be used. Your audience needs to be able to understand your writings, if not there wouldn’t be any engagement in the readings that is provided for them. Another thing that is talked about in this chapter is “Active Voice,” which means the subject performs the action instead of the verb. This describes my writing, when writing I tend to have my subject but not exactly explain what’s going on or being described.

In Chapter 4 Filak explains how you must be patient while writing must have your thoughts come to you instead of rushing your thoughts onto the paper. The “Killer Be’s” are; Be right, Be tight, Be clear, Be active, Be smooth, and Be quick. Have to be efficient in what you want your readers to understand, Have a smooth transition in what is needed, and you should already have your readers engaged in your subject from the first sentence without them having to dig really hard to understand what’s going on.


In chapter 11, I learned what a PR is and a ”PR” stands for public relations involves the professional relationship between the public and a company or other organizations. What really grabbed my attention was when Filak explained what the PR would do, which targets audiences with strong information on certain events.  “PR practitioners communicate valuable and engaging information from an organization, company or group to a target audience in a clear and coherent manner” Filak said. This sentence told it all what PR is really about. This makes me believe that they could make some things up that aren’t true to get their audiences engaged in the news.
To conclude, PR or Public Relations can have the public and the government involved with what they say, meaning what happens throughout the society the PR’s can go to them to get some information.

About me

My name is Wesley Turner, I am 19 years old and currently I am a sophomore at Piedmont College majoring in Sports Mass Communications. I enjoyed my freshman year last year met many people and made many friends. I went to Clarke Central High School in Athens, Georgia. I played Varsity baseball and I wrestled for varsity too. In baseball, I played all positions except for catcher and I wrestled in the 138 lbs weight class. Sports always been my life since I was about 3 years old. Unfortunately I am not playing any sports with Piedmont, because I felt the need to only focus on school. When I was playing I would put sports in front of school and not be 100% focus, but still would pass with all A’s and B’s. When it’s something I want to do or have to earn I won’t stop working until I get it, no matter what it is school or sports I will give 100% into everything. This quote always comes to my head whenever I feel like I need more motivation, “anything you do in life good or bad will always show up in the future, because the good will lead you to success and the bad will just lead you to nothing, choose which side you want.” I always choose the good. The person that told me this is my dad who still tells me it today.
I have two little brothers, their names are Jordan and Brandon. Jordan is 7 years old and Brandon is 14 years old. Even though there’s a big gap in between all three of us we still work together like we’re the same age. I’m going to always look out for them no matter what. I have two female dogs and two male dogs; one female is a bully named Gracie (1yrs) and the other is a toy poodle named Charlee (few months), both males Hulk (1yrs) and DJ (2months). They are all over protective.
I chose to focus on sports mass communication as my major, because sports is my passion. I want to pursue my dreams in becoming a sports agent/manger or be on ESPN and or Sports Center. I hope to take the new things I will learn this year and later, to bring with me in the future.