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RR #4

This chapter leads right into a talk about ledes. Ledes are short intros that grabs the audience and holds them. In the world today these are crucial to writing and journalism. People don’t have time to read something if they don’t care or aren’t curious. If you don’t hook your reader in the first couple of sentences you’ve lost them.

Ledes are one of my favorite things to use. I like to think about what would get me invested in this write away. I also think about what audience I’m trying to reach and cater to them. They also encourage the use of citations in your leads. This can be very useful as people usually read more into something in quotations then just standard writing because it catches your eyes. If your lede and leads aren’t good then theres no need to write anymore because no one is gonna care.


RR #3

This chapter covers interviews which is something I have experience in. Interviewing is at the core of journalism and any form of media. If you cant work with your guest you wont get a quality answer to your questions. Good answers require good answers from the interviewer. Back when the wildfires occurred I had to interview the head trainer and coordinator of the firefighters. She walked out on a ABC reporter the day before I had my interview. The first thing I reviewed was my questions to make sure they were open ended and correlated to create a flow. She enjoyed my interview and we built a lasting business relationship because of it.

Filak goes over interviewing but with more of a emphasis on prep work. This includes getting to know the person which is crucial to forming good questions. The ABC reporter didn’t do this as the first few questions were knowledge that should’ve been said in her introduction. The person being interview will always appreciate you going the extra mile for them.

Reading Response #2

Ch. 5 is a important chapter. It takes about how people like to talk to much. In journalistic writing you want to get the point across and nothing else. I feel we’ve been engineered through our writing career to fill our writing with as much extra as possible. Thats one of my favorite parts of writing this way because id also encounter coming up short on the length but having my point across. This happens to be the only time I’m short on length however.

Ch. 6 dives into active and passive voices in writing. Ive always struggled with proper uses of each, so this chapter was very useful to me. Active voice pairs well with Ch. 5 as it allows you to speak right to the point. This allows a more direct way of communicating while using confidence to get your message across.

Sage:R​eading Response 1

Throughout the first chapter, Knight talks about the need to not overthink your writing. I can understand this with most of my best work has come from just letting what I want to say flow and hardly ever using an outline. He puts an emphasis on the intro to your writing which is where I spend the majority of my time when writing. Its the foundation of your writing and allows you to keep it simple by just following it as a road guide. It will enable you to craft much work.

Building on this he also talks about the need to write to your audience. In many cases, students especially are trying to use oversized words to get a simple point across to sound smarter. This blocks off your audience by barring some people from being able to comfortably read this. I know in my experience that I’ve done this a few times to make myself sound better on a test. Much like in life it is much better to KISS it than to try and make something extra.

This chapter is handy when it comes to writing something. It shows some of the best practices you can use like building your intro or cutting out unneeded fluff. Its a very good foundation for good writing and and reminded me alot of the steps i need to take in my writing.

Sage Shirley: Head, Heart, Hands, Herb

No matter what i’ve always been surrounded by nature. My name is Sage Shirley and much like the herb nature has always been my home. Well actually the city of Tiger in Rabun County Georgia is my real home. If you’ve ever been to Rabun you know that you can’t go a foot with ou seeing beautiful views of everything from breathtaking mountains to cascading waterfalls. Growing up around these natural wonders really shaped who i was as person.

    When i was a junior in high school i joined 4 H, national club allowing you to build projects in many fields as well as a major emphasis on community service. The major thing with 4 H in Georgia is project achievement which is where students choose a category of their liking from cattle raising to photography to robotics. After doing so the must build a portfolio centered around their topic, leadership and community service as well as created a 12 minute presentation. My first choice for a topic was photography because of my mother being a photographer and i always had a passion from a young age. This quickly changed however when my world began to burn.

    At the beginning of November 2016 Rabun county became covered in smoke, wildfire had hit home. Id never seen anything like this before in my life and just knew i had to do what i could to protect my home.Luckily the incident management team sent to combat the fires set up shop in our 4 H building. With me being vice president at this time i as well as the president was hired on to work with the team.These were incredible people who had been at every major disaster in recent history, this included 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill to name a few. The fire lasted over a month and i was there everyday learning and listening to these heros.   

    I used what id learned from this crew to build a project around wildfires. After this our program did many  community service events and events in the community with most being planned by or with me. We were also able to travel to Oregon for 11 days to learn about where many of the crew came from. I would big this project to eventually win second place in state,the highest level of competition, for environmental Science. Before joining i was a shy unexperineced kid with no idea about what i wanted to do. 3 years later im enrolled in Piedmont college pursuing a degree in wha i love as well as running my own photography business. I know none of this would’ve been possible had it not been for 4 H. It allowed me to grow from a spark into a unstoppable wildfire.