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In chapter 3, I learned that regardless of the intentions of the sender, the failure to put the best-crafted message forward will lead to huge problems for everyone involved. The more you can do to make your material clear and concise, the better chance you have of drawing readers and retaining them. It’s also always necessary to write clearly and plainly to best reach your readers. And not allowing yourself to choose un-concrete nouns and verbiage. And doing so to make sure you have the proper length in the sentence and control the pace and flow of your writing.

In chapter 4, I recognized the basics of media writing. Media writing requires you to rely more heavily on facts and the opinion of others as opposed to what you think. There are six killer “Be’s” in good writing. To Be right, be tight, be clear, be active, be smooth, and be quick. Which is how we get the most information to your reader as quickly as possible and use quickness to keep them interested and engaged. This leads to the inverted pyramid, a writing style to help you meet the needs of your readers.

In chapter 8, I noticed the basics of reporting and how reporting can take you through a number of situations that can rin the gamut of happy moments and tragic events. There are four different types of events: breaking news, speeches, meetings, and news conferences. When preparing for any of these events, it’s important to remember that you’ll be outside of your comfort zone. Once you get to the event, you need to assess the situation, find the core, look outside the lines, post-event interviews, seek secondary sources, fact check, and get information.


Na Na Na Natalie

2004 (82)

From the beginning, I always wanted to be a cheerleader!

2006 (28)

I also just wanted to be a Fish.


My goals for cheerleading came true!


This was the Day I signed to Piedmont to play Lacrosse!


Graduation was the official goodbye to high school and Hello to college!


This summer I got to take a trip to London and Fell in Love

My Name is Natalie

Born in Atlanta and raised in a small town called Powder Springs.image I experienced the true form of suburbia. Growing up an only child, was never an issue for me. If anything it shaped my life into what it is today.  Not having brothers or sisters to entertain me at home, I sought entertainment elsewhere. I joined every sport and club imaginable.

I started with cheerleading. I’d been a cheerleader for as long as I could remember. I cheered for our towns rec club in elementary school and later on, I joined my High schools’ team. I ended up cheering all four years of High school and by junior year I was a varsity cheerleader.

Cheerleading led me to become a swimmer. My sophomore year of cheerleading I tried out for the football and basketball cheer teams. When the results came in, I’d only made one team. Football. I was heartbroken but my spirits were lifted when I realized I could try-out for the swim team. I’d swam as a baby and it was my favorite thing to do. I tried out and made the team, although not swimming for years, I was the worse on the team. I practiced every day and pushed myself to be a better swimmer. By my junior year, I was captain and one of the fastest girls.

Cheerleading also led me to lacrosse. At the end of basketball cheer season my freshman year, teammates who’d become friends convinced me to try out for lacrosse with them. I’d only heard of lacrosse from Tv but following the crowd, I tried out anyway. I’d made the team and lacrosse became the best thing in my life.

I continued to play lacrosse the rest of high school, I made it my main focus. Swimming became my conditioning for lacrosse season. By senior year I was captain of the Lacrosse team and it meant the world to me. Lacrosse had become something I would want to do forever. So I began looking into college’s that offered lacrosse programs. Which lead me here to Piedmont. My high school coach was approached by Piedmonts lacrosse coach. He knew I wanted to go to school for Film production and looked into piedmonts programs and found mass communications as a program. I continued to look at other schools but in the back of my mind piedmont was the school for me.

One Year after beginning my journey at Piedmont, I finally feel like I’ve found myself. I no longer play any sports. I haven’t said the words to any chants, competed in any swim tournaments or lacrosse games. Being at Piedmont I discovered sports weren’t really my thing. I only played sports in high school because that was the thing to do. If anything piedmont and its Mass communications department have shown me my real passions in such an in-depth field. My love for photography, creating videos, and even designing clothes is what I really love to do.