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Reading Response 3

In chapter 4, Knight describes the importance of interviewing. He emphasizes the ability to give a good interview is very important for a journalist or reporter. An interviewer needs to be able to keep the person entertained and not bore them with dull questions. The interview must flow in a smooth pattern and keeping the questions coming and going will help achieve this effect. Personally, I have never conducted an interview so I am interested to see how my first one goes when the time comes.

Filak, in chapter 6, also talks about the interviewing process and how a person can better themselves in this area. He says, “the ability to speak to others and gain information is a basic element of everyday life.” It is so important to have good communication skills when conducting interviews because you want to be able to avoid the awkwardness while speaking. Always be able to create a smooth flow of ideas in an interview, as mentioned by Knight and Filak. Filak also mentions the preparation part of an interview, and that you can prepare by creating essential questions based on research conducted.


Reading Response 1

Writing, for me, was very difficult while I was in Elementary and Middle school. I could never force myself to sit down and finish my papers. Once I got to high school, however, I started taking advanced Language Arts and Literature classes so I was forced to learn the correct writing techniques involved in a good paper. This made me a better writer and I am confident now that I can produce a solid paper fairly quickly and efficiently. I hope to further my skills in Media Writing 1 and learn new techniques that I have not been taught yet.

Knight’s chapter 1 was very beneficial for me to read and I learned a lot from it. I especially liked the parts about audiences and effects of words. He writes that it is extremely important to understand the audience you are writing to, because you can better grab the reader’s attention and make sure the audience will focus in on your writing. Also, he talks about making the correct word choices, and how choosing words that make sense to the audience is very important.

A little bit about me

Hello everyone, my name is Matt Leemann and I am a sophomore here at Piedmont College. I live in Milton, Georgia currently, but I haven’t lived there my entire life. I lived in Charleston, South Carolina, then moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, then finally ending up here in Georgia where we’ve been for 12 years now. I have an older brother who is a Junior at UGA.

Growing up I played eight years of competitive baseball, traveling all around Georgia and out of state on teams until I was 14. I then made a switch to golf, which was mostly from my Dad just taking me out to play for fun on the weekends when I was free. I started to realize how relaxing and fun golf was so I gravitated toward it and quit baseball. I then went on to play 4 years of high school golf at Cambridge High School winning a State championship and two region tournaments. I chose Piedmont for golf because it was close to home and offered many of my interests including a very close proximity to one of my favorite things… Mountains! lol

I have always been very fortunate to be able to travel to some pretty neat places with my family, and I have always enjoyed the different scenery and landscapes you get to view when visiting new destinations. My Junior year of high school I started to drive up to the North GA mountains with my buddies and hike every chance we got, growing my passion for exploring new places and adventuring even if it’s only 2 hours away. It’s so cool going hiking and camping with friends because you’re just all there together living in the moment. Being outdoors and seeing stunning landscapes a lot inspired me to get started with some photography as well, and I am constantly taking pictures and editing them on Lightroom. My favorite photographers include Chris Burkard, Evan Ranft and Jordan Hammond, definitely go check them out you won’t regret it!

Anyways, looking forward to writing more in this class and hearing and sharing more stories with ya’ll.