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With the progression of media, audio journalism is fast and progressing into the new era What was once called “radio” has been reinvented as a powerful, nimble and increasingly indispensable medium. Audio platforms are evolving, but the immediacy and intimacy of storytelling with sound make digital audio a dynamic vehicle for the best in journalism – locally, nationally and internationally.  Although print journalism and broadcast journalism share much in common, both disseminate information to the public and engage in investigation, they differ in significant ways. A broadcast news story must aid the anchor in reading the story. Printing always results in invested writing.



In this reading, we discussed the key to effective interviewing and by deciding upon the essential functions of the position, you will be able to determine the job’s specific requirements from an interview you want to ensure that in an interview you will gain information about the essential requirements. Categorize your requirements according to critical and desirable Interviews are arguably the most subjective part of any selection system. When doing an interview, you must have a reliable source and a backup source. Quotes are also a big part of doing an interview because without the quotes it won’t make the story feel so believable


In this chapter we learned about the integration of micro-blogging. Micro-blogging can substitute communication by e-mail or instant-messenger putting it on the micro-blogging platform which is an easy to use tool with broad distribution. However, micro-blogging is not regarded as suitable for every business or every department. It very much depends on the corporate culture: communicative corporate cultures such as in IT would profit. Conservative cultures such as in banking would have problems with integrating this communication channel into their culture. The same applies to the enhancement of productivity. In some cases, it will lead to it, in others, micro-blogging only distracts. The communication channel exists, and employees and clients expect management to address the right usage of it. Not just addressing and implementing the tool is necessary for making.


Technology is advancing year after year at an accelerating rate and it consumes a lot of time for people today. Media is often used to deliver a message to a large audience who are diverse. Instead of writings letter to someone or going up to talk to them people would rather go on social media and talk to them. Studies show that people spend way too much time on their phone looking at social media and texting.  All that time spent on the phone your user data.  Data isn’t only accumulated through phones and social media but also through tv boxes and other streaming sources. Companies use techniques such as targeting, tracking, and profiling to target their marketing policies in the way we live.  This chapter did a very good job of describing the use of data we use in our everyday lives and how it affects us in our lives.


The topic about photojournalism is a very interesting topic to me. When you’re reading journals online or in the paper its kind of a different vibe when you have a picture. Adding a picture to a journal help brightness the story and adds a visual point to it. Photojournalism is having the ability to be a story teller and I believe that a lot of writers have that ability to write an article or story that makes you feel like you’re in the setting of the scene. Being able take a picture that makes you feel the story behind is the same thing and writing about a scene and visualizing the picture. I’ve seen serval picture that have made me think about its back ground or just imagine a story about it. The joy behind taking pictures is  astonishing and I’m looking forward to doing more with photojournalism in my future


In chapter 5, it talked about how to capture solid photographs, how to edit and manage digital photos on your computer, and how to publish photos, including compelling slide shows that really tell the story.

Picture make a strong statement and sometimes explains more than words. But to get a life alternating pictures you must take time to learn how to edit and manage digital software.

One big change you notice from our generation is the change from paper to digital. Our generation is almost solely digital based, and the influences of digital media compared to paper is exactly what Filak is telling you in this chapter


In chapter 11 of Filak I’ve learned that public relations aren’t an easy profession to define. “Public relations are a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” A PR professional also works with an organization, company, government, or individual to cultivate a story that portrays that client’s reputation, idea, product, position, or accomplishment in a positive light. So, in a sense, you can think of PR professionals as storytellers. These unpaid or earned avenues include traditional media, social media, or speaking engagements — which are especially effective opportunities for reaching the public.

            I conclusion, public relations also extend to government, too. PR professionals can execute political campaigns or explain a government’s new policy to the public. In this case, you can see how PR professionals work to maintain a healthy and productive relationship between their client (the government), and the public, who have a right to hear about new policies.