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Byronic to Ironic Hero Pride Presentation

Students brought their A-game to the Lions Pride event last Wednesday.

Mike Adams spoke about the popular HBO series Game of Thrones in a presentation that he calls “Byronic to Ironic Hero.” He came up with the idea based on his love of the genre combined with the suggestion of his advisor.

Dr. Hugh Davis asked Adams to present this literary analysis as a practice run for the upcoming Pop Culture Conference in August. “I thought that he would represent the English department well and I know that he’s planning to do a paper, and hopefully an entire panel on Game of Thrones this fall,” said Dr. Davis.

The seats were full until Adams began his introduction. “If any of you here are Game of Thrones fans – I will be talking a little bit about last Sunday’s episode – so if you have not yet seen it, you might want to exit the room,” he said. About one-third of the room stood up and left. The remaining students and faculty had a brief chuckle before the room went quiet and his video began.

As the audience watched the HBO trailer, Adams drew a diagram on the board that connected the remaining characters with the literary device of Jamie Lannister – each having an ongoing storyline with him.

“Does anyone here know what a Byronic Hero is?” Adams asked the crowd. Only two raised their hands. Both of which were English Professors. Mike explained the term “Byronic” to be like the character Manfred from Lord Byron’s piece “Manfred”.

After the literary device was established, he proceeded to showcase the irony in Jamie Lannister’s character profile. He spoke about the beginning of his fall when he pushed little Bren out of the window and touted “The things I do for love.”

After making this point, Adams made a few predictions for the end of the series, which will air its final episode on May 19th. He predicts that fans will be surprised to find out that the Byronic hero is the Dark Horse. “He’s the Dark Horse contender to become the Lord of Light and overall hero of the series. The obvious choice are the fan favorites, but as Faulkner famously says – “kill all your darlings”.”

Students and faculty were both surprised to hear his predictions and stayed after the presentation to ask questions. “I thought it was great. I never really thought about all of those connections, but he makes a good point. It will be exciting to watch the last episode and see if he [Adams] is right.” said sophomore Keaton Benfield.

Adams is planning to expand on the presentation to prepare for the annual Pop Culture Conference in North Carolina this year. The conference features scholars and students that publishing the journals “Studies in Popular Culture” and “Studies in American Culture.” They meet every year to present and discuss ideas about popular culture, American and world-wide culture. Adams will be part of an extensive panel writing about the Game of Thrones series from a student’s perspective.

“The Lions Pride Exhibition was a great starting point for me to get my feet wet,” Adams said. “I’m really excited to present on something that I am very passionate about and to connect with other GOT fans during this year’s Pop Culture Convention.”

Disaster Drills Down at Piedmont College

An explosion at Piedmont’s Swanson center has resulted in 28 casualties and 100 injuries. “Someone lost their husband and their father,” Emily Bran said as barrels of smoke poured out of the building on Wednesday. so far there are 28 confirmed casualties and at least 100 people injured from a blast that quickly turned into a fully engulfed fire that began in the Theater Department of the building.

Multiple agencies were dispatched to the scene and a request put into Georgia Emergency Management. “We got called out here to an explosion and a fire to assist the local EMA in any way possible,” Dave Shanks, coordinator for Homeland Security said. “Our response time was about 20 minutes.”

AirLife helicopters were landing and taking off in 15 minute intervals transporting multiple critical patients from the scene. “There were a lot of burns and trampled people from other people running out,” nurse Natalie Winters said. “We have a lot of blood trauma and several casualties.”

Chief Jim Andrews of Piedmont College addressed reporters. “Shortly after the fire was reported, we had an explosion also.” he said. “Several agencies are on the scene to assist.”

The call came into the [911] center this morning around 10 o’clock. It was reported that there was a fire and multiple injuries. As things progressed, we were requesting additional units as well as the coroner, mobile morgue, AirLife and power companies,” Lynn Smith, 911 EMS Supervisor said.

Several people were screaming and unsure of what was happening. “He’s brown, his name’s Rover. If you call his name, he’lll come up and lick your leg and that’s when you’ll know it’s him,” Kra Hawke said about her missing service dog – frantically searching amongst the commotion.

Agencies responding included the – City of Demorest Fire, Habersham Medical Center, Habersham EMS, Habersham Fire, Habersham Sheriff Canine Units, EMA Center for Homeland Security, District 2 Public Health and Habersham County Search & Rescue.

“I believe it is way too early for anyone to have an origin or a cause on the fire.” Dale Palmer said.

Spiegel by Day, John by Knight

Piedmont theater professor John Spiegel directs students by day and knights on the battle field by night.

John has always loved the renaissance era. He has studied many of the aspects of such a lifestyle and learned many of the skill people used then. “I’ve always been intrigued by the deep sense of becoming one with nature,” he said. “I know it sounds crazy but somehow it always comes back to living that simple life.”

Spiegel’s current life as a theater professor at Piedmont has kept him busy – not able to spend as much time as he would like in what he refers to as the “simple life.” His days are mixed with show preparation, class structuring and performance evaluations – hardly a free moment for simplicity.

Spiegel makes time for simple life through his annual trips around the country to Pennsic – an event based on the medieval era. Visitors show up with tents, weapons and enough food to get through a week.

“When I go to Pennsic, I get to be who I always dreamed I would be: the knight – in beat up armor,” he said.

Students recognize the knight-like qualities of their professor. “John is the real deal. He truly is royalty – and it shows in his fighting.” said Mike Adams – Junior.

“Yes it is true. My brother is an actual count,” Spiegel said. “Maybe that’s why I love to dress up in armor so much.”

John practices his fighting skills weekly with the Medieval and Renaissance Society club on campus. The group straps on real plate armor and trains as a unit with swords and shields. They participate in arts and science studies from the era as well as heraldry.

“At the end of the day, I am the knight.” he said. “It doesn’t get much simpler than that.”

From Foundling to Founder & Beyond!

Before I finished High School, at the young age of sixteen, I was living in my car learning how to make ends meet, the hard way. I learned very quickly who I wanted (and didn’t want) to be. Hardship has a way of getting right to the point.

My name is Julie Dreier (soon to be Adams), and I’ve been in digital communications as a professional for the better part of fifteen years. I currently own my own marketing and advertising business, Girl In Paris™ Creative Studio, which I incorporated in 2011. Over the years I have built numerous websites, commercial WordPress® themes, various digital platforms, advertising campaigns, and provided print collateral for most of my high profile clients which I am very honored to say include: The Zac Brown Brand®, A Southern Company®Cox Media Group®, Netjets®, Forbes®, Ali Brown®, Anderson Aesthetics in Atlanta, University of Georgia®, and the former Marine One pilot for President Barack Obama, Michael Middleton, with his new software company Safe Helipad™. I am writing about each of these experiences in my upcoming book Brand Like A Girl.

I am a proud member of the Atlanta Ad Club, The Graphic Artist Guild, and currently, have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Maybe I am an overachiever? Probably.

You might be asking yourself ‘Dear God, woman, what are you doing here?’ The simple answer is that I am seeking a degree as a “backup plan”, but more importantly, the real answer is to have the honor of walking across that graduation stage with a diploma in my hand for the first time in my life. Remember when I said I started my adulthood in my car? That was during my Junior year. I didn’t get to finish high school because I was living each day wondering if I would survive the next. In fact, I never even saw my senior year.

But fast forward to today and the outlook is much brighter. I currently host my own podcast Girl Boss Talk™ that has made it to: iTunes®, Spotify®, Google Play™, Stitcher®, and just recently iHeart Radio® with over 10,000 downloads. 2018 proved to be a successful year for my show and has even spawned my new shiny project, Podcast Nation FM™, that just officially launched in December. My show’s episodes feature other successful women and their stories, along with tips and tricks to becoming a successful entrepreneur from a woman’s perspective. In my pilot episode, I talk about the professional revelation I had during my first semester here at Piedmont and why there is a need to bridge the gap between large corporate opportunity and the ambitious small business entrepreneur.

My hobbies include leather-working, jewel-crafting, painting, gaming, and playing drums. I have three daughters, the youngest is twelve and the other two have begun their adult journeys already. Time really does fly by! I also have three dogs, two cats, and a rabbit named Thumper, just in case, I get bored.

“Sacrifice is not what we give up, but what we ultimately gain” ~JD


Julie Dreier
CEO/Founder & Creative Director
Girl In Paris LLC
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