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Reading Response 9

In chapter 12 Filak talks about the first amendment right and in what ways they protect Journalist. As Journalist we can’t go around thinking we can say whatever we want. But we do have rights that are protected under the constitution to protect us from companies or people if you expose their wrong doing .

Chapter 13 Filak talked about Ethics. Honesty is the most important ethic a Journalist can have. Journalist who go around lying about lying or spreading fake news are the worst. Morally Journalist should know what is right and wrong to do in their writing.

Women’s Soccer feature story

Head Coach Timmy McCormack is ushering in a culture of success for the Piedmont college women’s soccer team.

“When you look at successful programs, at any level, it has a lot to do with what the culture is like in those programs to whether or not you are successful,” said Coach Timmy McCormack. “And that’s one of those things we put a ton of time into in our program.”

Since Coach McCormack took over as head coach in 2017 after eight years of being assistant coach, the Piedmont women’s soccer team has seen nothing but success. In his first season as head coach, McCormack guided his team to an undefeated regular season, but lost a close game in the conference tournament. Then in 2018 the Lady Lions got their revenge and won the USA South conference tournament for the fifth time in school history. Like many other coaches, McCormack doesn’t take credit for the success.

“I don’t think it’s my coaching as much as we just have had really good players,” said McCormack. “I think we’ve been really lucky to have a lot of really good foundational success.”

These really good players McCormack talks about have helped lead to an impressive 33-5-5 record in the last two seasons. And the talent won’t be stopping any time soon as the soccer team has 15 incoming freshmen to help win the conference title again.

“The main reason I came here was for Timmy,” said freshman defender Madison Comer. “A lot of schools have great programs, but Timmy’s personality is what convinced me to come to Piedmont.”

Coach McCormack, or Timmy as all his players, call him is loved by the girls on his team for being one of the kindest, caring and best coaches they’ve ever played for. Comer was recruited by McCormack and got to be a part the championship team. She said that freshman will room with seniors on trips to bring the team together and make the older girls seem “not seem as scary.” This strategy brought the team together and helped unite team the for their championship run.

“We’ve all grown up with Timmy,” said sophomore midfielder Abby Cox. “We’ve been trained to always try hard in both practices and the games, you play for the team not yourself.”

Cox has played for McCormack for both of his seasons as head coach, she got to watch the changes he made after losing the conference tournament her freshman year, and what it took to win it this past season. Abby also credits the California trip the team took this season for helping bring the team together. Getting to go some place new and having these experiences is another way the team was brought together to have this culture of success.

McCormack said it’s these little things that lead to the overall success.

“Championships are not won in that season; they are won by doing the detail things day in and day out. You can have the pain of discipline or the pain of regret, you take your pick.”  

Breaking News

Explainable fire leaves 100 victims, of those victims 28 were announced dead, 29 are non- critical and 28 were very critical.

At around 10 a.m. Wednesday, March 27 a fire started at the Swanson center on the campus of Piedmont college. Shortly after the fire started an explosion occurred. The cause of the fire and the explosion is unknown. Public information officer Rob Moore reported at a press conference of the heavy victim count. Most the victims were Piedmont college students.

“There were pretty extensive damages that took awhile to put out,” says assistant fire chief Jason Davis from Habersham Emergency Services. “We’re still putting out spots, we’re definitely going to be here for the next couple of hours.”

The extent of the devastation was reported at a press conference outside of the Swanson center at 11:10 a.m. It was announced that the reasoning behind the fire and the explosion were still unknown.

Emergency recuse and 200 Piedmont nursing students arrived on scene shortly after the explosion to rescue the many victims. Emergency services and the nurses were able to completely evacuate the building by around 10:30 a.m. The building was very smoky and hard to see what was in front of you, reported many nurses.

Nurses and people on the scene reported about a man in a green shirt pick-pocketing from many of the victims shortly after the explosion. The man was apprehended by Habersham Sheriff’s deputies when they arrived on scene. There were Reports of woman running around the scene screaming, looking for her lost dog, but nurses were able to calm the woman down, but it is still unreported if she found her dog. Showing that this tragedy was very chaotic.

Piedmont College will be a having a memorial service on April 4 at the Chapel to remember all the victims who were lost in this tragedy. All family members and people of the community are welcome to come.

Reading Response 8

In chapter 4 Filak talks about the structure of a news article, specifically expanding the inverted pyramid. If journalist have a quick and easy structure to write news pieces then they can write them faster. And news is all about writing and getting the news out as fast and accurately as we can. I like the inverted pyramid model, it is a great model to grab the readers attention and keeping them throughout the entire article.

In chapter 8 Knight discusses the problems with cliches and why they are unnecessary for journalistic writing. Knights main point is that they add no value to the sentence, they are just there to emphasize something you already know. Knight thinks that using cliches is theft and that it should be avoided. I agree with Knight, I think that journalistic writing should be as quick and to the point as possible.

In Chapter 9 Knight talks about red-flag words. These words can be common in everyday talk but Knight thinks you should eliminate them as much as you can in writing. Words like “that” and “feel” take away impact and offer nothing to the reader. These red-flag words offer nothing to the story, just more words to get in the way of the point.

Reading Response 7

In chapter 7 Filak talks about knowing your sources and checking over your work. I think it is important to always go over your work, because everyone makes mistakes. It doesn’t matter if you are the best in the world at something you will still make some mistakes. Even Tom Brady throws an interception every now and then, so no one is perfect. It is also important to know the topic you are talking about. In Journalism you never know what subject you could be talking about and it’s impossible to know everything so you will always have to do research. If you start talking about something you don’t understand it will just make you look dumb and no one wants that.

In Chapter 8 goes in depth about beat reporting, Beat reporting allows journalist to focus in a specific field allowing them to become excerpts in what they are reporting. These different beats can be in areas like sports and politics or can even be beats in areas like a whole major city. This allows for the journalist to talk about things that interest them and even become a spokesperson for the topic.

Reading Response 6

Knight talks about being honest and speaking politically correct in your writing. In today’s society it is more important than ever to be as politically correct, if you offend the wrong person your job could be on the line. But being politically correct doesn’t mean your writing should feel constricted in any way, it just treating people and groups the way they want to be treated and calling them what they want. And honesty is very important, we are reporting the news you should be honest.

Filak goes into great detail about critical thinking. Critical thinking means being open minded about the many subjects that Journalist are tasked with. If you approach each issue with an open mind and let your self find out more information without having preset biases then you can critically think about it.

Reading Response 5

Filak in chapter one talks about the basics of journalism and what it means to be a journalist. He goes into detail about fake news. I like that he has to say about news stories should be completely opinion based. You can’t completely slander someone you don’t like without presenting real facts. And it also flips to the side of the reader, if you like what you’re reading you can just say it’s fake. Fake news requires both the writer and the reader to just use common sense and it won’t be an issue.

Our generation is definitely losing our attention spans, it becoming more and more difficult to sit through a Tuesday/Thursday hour and 15 minute class. It’s the culture we live in now, it’s so easy to get a bunch of information fast. We need to slow down as a society and sniff the roses or just read the whole news article.