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In the reading the author talks about to importance of interviewing. Interviewing plays a big part in being a journalist. Being able to conduct interviews properly and building those connections with reliable sources can help you out in the long run of your career.

It can take time to find those reliable sources and finding the right places to get your information are some of the building blocks in becoming a sufficient interviewer. Each interview can be conducted in different manners. Some could take one meet up and some could take several. Some may be more more causal and others more formal. And some interviews you may have to prepare more for which could be one of the most important parts of conducting an interview.



In the reading the authors talk about using twitter as a form of microblogging.

Though Twitter , like the rest of the internet, can be subject to misinformation and can often be taken too seriously before the topic is thoroughly researched.

A major upside to Twitter is its limit on the amount of characters can go into a tweet (280). This allows the reader to receive the information very quickly without having to read multiple page articles and stories to get what they want to know unlike other social media outlets like Facebook where the users have an unlimited amount and can make their posts as long as they want. Twitter gets to the point quick and easy.


In this chapter, Briggs talks about data and how it can be used journalistically in a variety of ways. The main way I have thought of data would be statistics in sports. But Briggs brings up the point that data can be used to give the reader a story and allow them to imagine what the data is describing and put it into perspective.

Briggs also talks about technology and it’s almost terrifying advances. I’m the sense of collecting data, companies have developed ways to track behaviors and movements of people. With a majority of the time, those people are not even aware it is happening. This typically isn’t a problem and causes no harm but if the data begins to be used against us then technology could take a turn for the worse.

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LeBron Adds to His Legacy

By: Evan Easton

LeBron James may have just made the most important career move of his life, and it has nothing to do with basketball.

In the city of Akron, Ohio, with a population of just under 200,000, basketball super star (and Akron native) LeBron James has just opened an $8 million public school for at-risk elementary school children that even offers GED and job placement programs for the children’s parents.  The school has started with 240 third and fourth grade kids but plans to add grades as the school continues.  But the most unusual thing is it is a public school.  When it comes to celebrities, the schools they usually back are charter and private schools.  But for the students of LeBron’s I Promise School, there is no charge.

With this addition to the Akron area, James has created a whole new type of legacy for himself.  He has donated to various charities in the past, but this gives charity a whole new meaning.  Since high school, LeBron has been known as a phenomenal basketball player and a freak athlete.  But now he has opened the door for being known as a man who cares not only about where he is from, but the quality of life of the people who live there.

This is the most important part of LeBron’s career and what he will leave the sports world and society.  He has had an incredible career, with three NBA Championships and four league MVP’s, but what he is doing for Akron will outlive his basketball career.  To a lot of people, this school is just a way to increase James’ brand and bring him more publicity.  To a lot of people, what LeBron has done in the game of basketball will define him and will be the only thing he will be remembered for.  But LeBron has been an extreme advocate for different social issues, and has been active in his charity contributions.  And while I may not agree with all of LeBron’s stances, I cannot argue that the legacy he has created for himself means so much more than basketball.   Which will have a much larger and longer lasting impact than any stat or accomplishment he may achieve as a professional basketball player.



In the reading Briggs discussed photojournalism and how a picture can tell just as much of a story as words on a page. The purpose of photojournalism is not necessarily have the best picture or most artistic picture but the picture that tells the best story and gives the reader as much information as words.

It can be tricky to find the right picture for a story and differ from photojournalism and photography. When telling a story with a picture, small factors such as lighting, background, and even the distance you are from what you are trying to capture can take a huge part in getting the perfect shot to tell the story you want to tell.