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The Theater Department

Lights, camera… stop? Piedmont College’s production of The History of America (abridged) may not get the standing ovation it was looking for.

The History of America (abridged) was the theater department’s latest production satire that ran from April 11-14. However, the show was met with mixed reviews.

One of the main platforms where students were complaining was the Piedmont app. Due to this, many people who hadn’t even seen the play had their views influenced. This made it hard for the other people who were trying to defend the play to be able to voice their opinion, because they were being bombarded on all sides through this social media outlet.

Ashton Black is one those defenders. A Piedmont College theater member, he was promoting this event very heavily. He was greatly concerned as to why people took offense to the play, and really wanted to understand. “I think the root of the offense some people took was the fact that a great deal of the play was misunderstood. I just don’t think people realized that the play’s message is not malicious, just… a comedy about what’s wrong with American history,” he story.

An audience member who requested to remain anonymous, was not so understanding of the play. They said that “… the play was terribly offensive. It had something to say about everyone, whether it was racial or political, and that’s not right. We’re trying to bury the past, not dig it back up and make jokes out of it! I love Piedmont to death, and the theater department is filled with nothing but talent, but this was just too much.”

The were others who were right on the site of the production who got to have a fly-on-the-wall type of view. Rosellyn Miles, a seamstress for the play, seemed to not even bat an eyelash. “I was behind the stage during the entire run, and I saw it all. Those who claimed they got offended are the same ones who were laughing their heads off. If people gat offended it’s because they don’t know how to take a joke,” she said.

William Gabelhausen, Department Chair of the Piedmont theater, was somewhat concerned with the complaints of the play as well. He, however, looked at it in a different light. He said “… it made fun of everyone. It’s just satire at its finest. How can we become desensitized to our horrible past if we don’t face it and make it something we can handle? It’s almost inevitable that someone would get offended. It’s not everyone’s type of humor.”

With all the varying opinions targeted towards the theater department, it is safe to say that the say “art is subjective” still hold true, even for college play. As said simply by Joe Dudley in defense of the theater department, “… we didn’t write the play.”

Disaster Drill Event

It all started as innocent fun. A bunch of young people enjoying a concert, when out of nowhere an enormous glow could be seen. A fire broke loose, filling all of the concertgoers lungs with thick black smoke. At least that’s what the Piedmont College “Disaster Drill” is recreating.

The disaster drill is a yearly event that takes place at Piedmont College that is designed to prepare the nursing students for anything or, said by Associate Dean of Nursing Maria Fisk, “… a way to really get the nurses in that headspace and expose them to real life crises.” Fisk said the event takes a lot of planning. “There is months of preparation, and so many meeting with agencies such as the fire and police departments. Then we run it by the president and he has the ultimate say,” she said.

As the drill was being prepared, many faculty members wanted to know about the possible stress that the nurses could’ve been feeling that day. Senior nursing student Rachel Henderson said “I’m ready to get out there and save some lives. The only stressful thing is that we go in not knowing what kind of injuries we’ll face. I just hope I do my fair part and don’t freeze.”

Kasey Crunkleton, a junior nursing student who played a victim in the demonstration, about the same topic. She said “I just really want to make it look real… we’re going to have an actual helicopter, though no one will be airlifted. We’ll also have smoke, red lighting and a drone to catch all the action,” she said with a grin.

Associate Professor of Nursing Tabatha Anderson was on the scene grading nursing students’ work. “The students had to go to FEMA training during the springtime in Alabama. They worked very hard. The main thing I’m ready to see from them is if they can handle the chaos a real life event such as this can bring.”

Ty Thomaswick Profile

When students need help navigating the financial aid process, Ty Thomaswick is there for them. She is the first face they see when they enter, and the last voice they hear as they leave.  

Ty Thomaswick was born in Piqua, Ohio. “What could I say about Piqua? Well… it’s a very small town with mostly farmland. I liked it though. It was home.” 

Thomaswick has long been involved with her town church, and when her church moved down to Georgia in the summer before her senior year of high school, she decided to follow along at the young age of 17. Looking for colleges in the state, she became interested in Piedmont College, later becoming a Resident Assistant of GB and Swanson. “Piedmont was such a great environment for me, and I loved my classes and teachers. The education here is very special.” After graduating, she was looking for places to work, and figured that her alma mater would be the best for her, as Thomaswick loves helping young people and was ready to transition into this workplace. She was hired as a financial aid assistant in 2018, “… one of my majors is in business, so I knew when the opportunity came up it was something I could do,” she said. “I’ve always loved helping students with whatever comes up.” 

When she’s not crunching numbers or filling out files, Ty Thomaswick loves to do crafts, music, cooking, hiking and playing board games with her husband, to whom she has been married for two years now. She is also still in her church choir, in which she sings and plays instruments such as the piano, violin, guitar and standard keyboard.  

Thomaswick encourages students to take advantage of their time at Piedmont. “… get involved on campus and take advantage of every opportunity you can get your hands on,” she said. “This is only four years, so make every second count.” 

Jessekah: A Hippie, Pisces and Poet Walk into a Bar…

I always knew that one of three things would happen to me. One, I’d become a singer in a psychedelic rock group. Two, I’d end up a penniless poet. Or three, I’d go to college and strive to be a journalist. My life went with the latter.


Hello new friends! My name is Jessekah, and if that’s too boring, then you may call me Baby if you’d like. I got that nickname by being the shortest and youngest one in all seven of my ninth grade periods. Ever since then, it’s stuck to me like hair sticks to cheap lip gloss in the breeze. Go ahead and laugh, that was pretty funny.

I was born on the twenty-ninth of February in East Point, Georgia, and moved to my granny’s house when I was three. As a child, I loved the outdoors. I loved when clouds would crack open and spill their guts on top of me, rain water soaking my holey socks. There were times when I tried to take walks by myself, only to run back to my mother complaining that I had gotten yet another set of splinters lodged deeply into my hands and legs. Tripping, landing on rocks, running into stumps, you name it. I’ve definitely done it. However, no matter how broken and bruised I came back from the war called the environment, for as long as I can remember I have been deeply in love with the endless acres of nature. From her tangled branches, to her unfurled roads, I have fallen for it all. She is my muse.

Fast forwarding to highschool, because middle school was the pits! During those years, I had my first ever job of teaching piano to children and beginner adults. It gave me the opportunity to share something of mine with others, and that’s what I live for. I was also a very good student, and so many of the school kids liked me. I used to always think about how lucky I was, being liked that much. They would tell me all the time that “you’re the nicest thing” and “honey, you couldn’t be any more adorable.” And I’d be the one that people brought the new kids to. They’d ask me “hey, could you show them around?” And I did. By the end of me and the new kid’s tour, we’d be chatting to me like we’d known each other for eons. But that was the thing, no one knew me at all. Not even my friends. They knew stupid things like my birthday and my favorite color, but nothing important. And I’m not mad or anything, it’s not their fault. If anything, I just didn’t want them to know. It was easier to hide that way. I am very secretive and hard to figure out.

One thing that I’ve never kept secret from anyone is that I adore writing. It’s been my only favorite hobby since kindergarten, and my infatuation with it only gets deeper as the years creep upon me. The stars made me a poet, and so I’m just carrying out their work. However, in the long run, I want to be a journalist. Interviewing celebrities, world figures, social workers and everyone in between would a dream. A very, very sweet dream. Being a freshman at Piedmont College has only made me want to strive harder toward my ultimate goal, and I know that with the support and criticism of my professors and fellow peers, I will get there one of these days. I can’t wait to see what my future holds, and I’m so honored to be part of a wonderful establishment!