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RR1: Chapter 1 Why and How Good Writing Counts

In Writing, I think everyone can agree that it takes a massive amount of motivation to write a masterpiece. My experience with writing can simply be explained as trial and error. Grammar is just one of those humps I cannot seem to escape, and it haunts my papers. When I write about a topic I am passionate about it shows in the paper, but if it is something I am bored with; you best believe I am still going to be there struggling even to finish it.

In Chapter 1 of Journalistic Writing, Knight explains “the jargon trap.” It explains to be concise and write for a general audience as the people who read your work might not understand the acronyms you have in your writing. The phrase he uses as an example is “writ of summons.” You can expect an attorney to know, a writ of summons is a legal tool that brings a civil action. However, if your reader is an average person and doesn’t know about the “writ of summons” phrase, then you have to explain to the reader what they just read. Writing for your audience is important because it lays a foundation on simple and to the point. Knight points out, that no one is going to read something they do not understand and if you use big vocabulary words, it is hard for the reader to follow your lead.

In conclusion, Knight explains in order to write well, you must structure your introduction, and the body will follow, write for your audience, and keep your vocabulary simple. I am going to use what Knight said in this chapter to improve my skills as a writer. Moreover, I am going to refer back to his exercises and with luck grow as a media writer.


Christian Castro: The Story of a Mediocre Writer

My Life had always loved boring Gainesville, GA with its clumsy, curly city. It was a place where I felt happy and safe. I found it comforting that I finally found a home where I didn’t have to say goodbye.christian castro

My name is Christian Castro. I was born in Gainesville, Georgia on December 10, 1997, and my ethnicity is Puerto Rican. Growing up sports was a significant part of my life as I moved a lot as a child. I moved around because my dad had many job opportunities as an engineer. He was an entry engineer, facility engineer manager and now is a staff engineer today in Cornelia for Ethicon Inc. I lived in Puerto Rico, New Jersey, Switzerland, and Georgia. One thing I can take away from being in these different areas across the world is that they all have one thing in common, sports unites them all.

(keep in mind my writing skills were awful in middle school and high school)

When I first arrived at Piedmont college, I was an undecided major, and I explored every major. I took English 1101 & 1102 my Freshman year and surprised myself with my writing getting A’s. I didn’t enjoy writing so in the spring of 2018; they added a new sports communication major and decided to try the class out. When I joined Joe’s Sports Communication and Society class. I started to then enjoy my writing and put the passion I had towards sports on paper. I ended up enjoying what the sports communication major had in store and declared it my major in the fall of 2018. I consider myself to be a mediocre writer and hope to learn a lot in this class.

My favorite sports are baseball, basketball, football, and soccer. My favorite teams to watch are Braves in the MLB, Falcons in the NFL, and Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga. I keep up with a lot of trades in sports and try and see if any underdog teams can come out their slumps as I always cheer for the underdog.

I used to play a lot of sports, but I stopped playing sports on a team when I was 17 years old as I felt I wasn’t good enough to compete at a high level. I still play them from time to time as a hobby and for fun. My passion for sports has always been there, and I’m trying to see if I might like writing for sports as a future job.